Are all elongated toilet seats the same size?

Are all elongated toilet seats the same size?

No, there isn’t a standard size for all toilet seats, due to a variety of toilet styles. To find out the best seat for your toilet, you will need to measure your loo.

Do elongated toilet seats fit all toilets?

It’s a good thing they ask, because toilet seats are designed to fit one of two bowls: round or elongated. A round toilet seat absolutely won’t fit an elongated bowl, and, as you may have guessed, the opposite is also true.

Can I use any toilet seat on Toto toilet?

Actually most if not all elongated toilet seats are standardized to fit any elongated toilet. If you have a conventional round bowl it will take the standard round style seat. If you are unsure, Toto makes a full line of seats other than the one that comes on the drake.

How do I know my toilet seat size?

Measure the width of the bowl at its widest point. Measure the length of the bowl from between the seat bolts to the outer edge of the front of the bowl. Round bowls should have a length of about 16 1/2 inches and elongated bowls should be 18 to 18 1/2 inches.

Can you put a round toilet seat on an elongated toilet?

While you can install a round toilet seat on an elongated toilet, it isn’t recommended. A round toilet seat will not fully cover the toilet bowl rim of an elongated toilet leaving the rim exposed.

How do you remove a Toto soft close toilet seat?

How to Remove a Toto Toilet Seat’s Hinge Bolts

  1. Step 1: Locate the Seat Bolt Covers.
  2. Step 2: Unscrew the Bolts.
  3. Step 3: Clamp Locking Pliers Onto Sleeve.
  4. Step 4: Lift Seat Off Bowl.
  5. Step 1: Unplug the Washlet.
  6. Step 2: Locate and Push Release Button.
  7. Step 3: Unscrew the Mounting Plate Bolts.

What size are elongated toilet seats?

Elongated toilet seats measure about 18.5 inches long and about 14 inches wide. Elongated toilet seats are preferred by many, especially men, because of their extended size. Because of its popularity, this is the seat that is standard in most large businesses such as hotels, gas stations, and airports.

How do I know what color my Toto toilet is?

The most common location for these markings is on the back wall of the tank, or on the right hand wall, opposite the trip lever. The color code will start with a # followed by a two-digit number.

Can I use a Kohler toilet seat on a Toto toilet?

This seat should fit any standard elongated toilet. I put mine on a TOTO Entrada 2-piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet because I was installing both at the same time. I have other Kohler elongated toilets and they are the same size as the TOTO. You will enjoy the quality of the TOTO Washlet.