Are any Wolverine comics worth money?

Are any Wolverine comics worth money?

While it’s worth nothing like as much as #181, Incredible Hulk #182 must be on the ‘to have’ list of collectors seeking a complete run of Wolverine appearances. The conclusion of the story from the previous issue is worth somewhere around $700 in top shape.

What is the most expensive comic book to date?

A comic featuring the first-ever appearance of Spider-Man has set the record for the most expensive comic book ever sold. A copy of the 1962 comic Amazing Fantasy No. 15 was sold at Heritage Auctions Thursday for a whopping $3.6 million.

Who sold the most comics?

Marvel X-Force #1, which also came out in 1991, ranks in second place with around five million copies sold….Periodical single-issue floppy comics.

Creator(s) Stan Lee Steve Ditko
Publisher Marvel
No. of issues 13,500
Serialized 1963 – present
Approximate sales 909 million

Which Avengers comics are worth money?

10 Rarest Avengers Comics (& What They’re Worth)

  1. 1 Avengers #1: $10,000-$40,000.
  2. 2 Avengers #4: $6,500-$30,000.
  3. 3 Avengers #2: $2,000-$11,000.
  4. 4 Avengers #57: $2,000-$25,000.
  5. 5 Avengers #11: $1,000-$5,000.
  6. 6 Avengers #8: $1,000-$5,500.
  7. 7 Avengers #3: $800-$5,000.
  8. 8 Avengers #87: $300-$4,500.

What is the rarest comic book?

Action Comics #1
It means the issue of Action Comics #1, which sold for 10 cents when it was released in 1938, is the world’s most valuable comic book. The comic includes the story of Superman’s origins and is considered to be the start of the superhero genre. It is thought only around 100 copies of the comic still exist.

Who sells more comics Marvel or DC?

The ‘Big Two’ are now just two big publishers While there have been a few years in which DC sales has eclipsed Marvel sales or kept the horserace close, Marvel has been the market leader consistently, at least in sales to comic book shops.

Who sells more comics Superman or Batman?

The winner is clear. Batman beats the Man of Steel (sorry, Superman) in licensing fees for global retail sales in merchandise at $494 million vs. the son of Krypton’s $277 million, according to The Licensing Letter. Don’t be too bummed, Superman loyalists.

What is the rarest Marvel comic?

One of the rarest Marvel Comics ever made is Marvel Mystery Comics 128-Page edition. According to reports, there are only five known copies in existence and it was only distributed in New York City. This issue actually reprints two other issues — Marvel Mystery Comics #41 and Captain America Comics #22.

Who is richer between Marvel and DC?

Comic-book movies are massive by any measure: Going back to the start, the per-release average for Marvel and DC films is over $200 million, with Marvel having a very slight edge — $247 million to $224 million. However, what makes that edge more impressive is it comes with far more films.