Are Aprilia 125 any good?

Are Aprilia 125 any good?

The RS 125 will certainly keep you entertained; in the right environment, you can have more fun on a decent 125 like this than you can on a superbike. The chassis is sublime, the tyres grippy and the handling stupendous, so you can learn the art of controlling a motorcycle without going too fast on an RS 125.

What is a GP replica?

​A replica in name, original at heart The GP Replica also comes with Quick Shift electronic gear change, a passenger seat cover and graphics that evoke the Aprilia MotoGP RS-GP.

Is the Aprilia RS 125 4 stroke?

Specifications. The powerplant is an electronically fuel-injected 4 stroke 4 valve DOHC single cylinder, with a balance shaft. The brakes consist of a 30 cm steel disc in front with a four-piston radial caliper, and a 22 cm steel disc with a single caliper at the rear.

Is the Aprilia RS 125 2 stroke?

It is powered by a Rotax single cylinder 124.8 cc two-stroke engine with Nikasil coated aluminium cylinder block, and liquid cooling….Aprilia RS125.

Manufacturer Aprilia
Class Sport bike
Engine 124.8 cc (7.62 cu in) single cylinder two-stroke engine
Bore / stroke 54.0 mm × 54.5 mm (2.13 in × 2.15 in)
Power 28 bhp (21 kW) (claimed)

What is the mileage of Aprilia RS 125?

Aprilia RS 125 Mileage Aprilia RS 125 BS6 fuel economy is 40-45 km/l as reported by bike owners.

Is the Aprilia RS4 125 reliable?

Reliability & build quality The four-stroke 125cc engine should be much more reliable than the highly-strung two-stroke engine of the old RS – which was often neglected by teenagers. The bikes never missed a beat being held at full throttle virtually all day in 30°C plus heat.

Can you ride a 125cc 2 stroke CBT?

125cc Options: You can ride a 125cc (11Kw max) after passing a CBT on L plates. For those looking at 125s the choice becomes even more varied.

Is the Aprilia RS125 2 stroke?

What is the price of Aprilia SR 125 BS6?

Aprilia SR 125 Summary

Ex-Showroom Price* From ₹ 1.08 Lakh Onward
Wheel Type Alloy Wheels
Starting Mechanism Self Start
Similar Models Honda Dio , Hero Electric Photon HX , Piaggio Vespa , TVS Jupiter and TVS Scooty Pep Plus
Model Variants SR 125 STD BS VI

What is the top speed of the Aprilia RS 125?

Power flows through a standard wet clutch and six-speed transmixxer before heading to the rear wheel via an O-ring chain final drive, and the overall drive ratio turns out a top speed of 70 mph. 2021 Aprilia RS 125 Price Price and trim level go hand in hand.

What is the difference between the my21 and Aprilia 125?

Aprilia revamped its rs 125 ahead of my21 with a number of improvements on its proven eighth-liter platform with a fresh design, and the overall drive ratio turns out a top speed of 70 mph.

What makes the RS 125 RS 125 so special?

The RS 125 chassis enjoys a certain level of recognition as the only Italian-made ride in this displacement bracket to sport an aluminum frame with die-cast aluminum members and crossed reinforcement ribs to achieve its final structural rigidity.