Are Blueridge guitars any good?

Are Blueridge guitars any good?

Both guitars have a very nice finish and sound great, very consistent. I also was able to spend some time with a BR-180 and was prepared to buy it if it sounded better, but with that particular guitar, at least, I preferred the tone from the 160. The Blueridge BR-160s are great guitars! I recommend them!

Where are Blueridge guitars made?

Blueridge guitars are manufactured in a factory in China. Like most mass-produced guitar models/brands, precision machinery is used to manufacture the guitar to ensure quality control, although some of the process is still done by hand.

Who owns Blueridge guitars?

Who owns Blueridge Guitars? From the beginning of their production Blueridge Guitars have been owned by Saga Musical Instruments company. A company that has pushed the industry to perform better and to release better models every single year, also the company owns a total of twenty-two musical instrument brands.

When did Blueridge guitars start?

Blueridge got its start in the 1990’s when guitar manufacturers began moving their centers of production from Korea to China in order to stay competitive.

What kind of strings come on Blueridge guitars?

From the factory, all Blueridge guitars are equipped with D’Addario EJ16 Light Gauge (12-53). Although other gauges and brands will work well, string choice can be a very personal choice. So, don’t be afraid to experiment.

How do you read a Blueridge serial number?

A two digit number (XX) will mean that the guitar has a solid Spruce top with laminate back and sides. A three digit number (XXX) means that the guitar has a solid Spruce top, and solid back/sides. The last digit of a Blueridge model number will designate what body size a guitar has.

Which Guild guitars are made in the USA?

Where are Guild Guitars made? Guild USA acoustic models, currently including the M, D, F, and F twelve-string body shapes, are proudly made in our Oxnard, California factory.

What is the oldest guitar company?

C.F. Martin, known more commonly as “Martin,” is the oldest guitar company in the United States. Founded in 1833, the company originally operated out of a small shop on the Lower West Side of New York City, where the eponymous luthier sold music supplies, as well as a limited number of handmade guitars.

How good are Blueridge guitars?

Martin GPCX2AE. Product Description: In the guitar world,Martin guitars need no introduction.

  • Seagull S6. Product Description: The Seagull S6 hails straight from Canada.
  • Fender CP-60S Intermediate Acoustic Guitars.
  • Yamaha FG JR1.
  • Yamaha Fd01S.
  • Blueridge BR-70CE Intermediate Acoustic Guitars.
  • Fender FA-115.
  • Alvarez AJ80CE Intermediate Acoustic Guitars.
  • How are Blueridge guitars manufactured?

    – How are Gibson guitars made? – How are Takamine guitars made? – How are Cort guitars made? – yada yada?”

    Who plays Blueridge guitars?

    Blueridge Guitars Blueridge has been making beautiful, accurate historical recreations of pre-war guitars for over 35 years. Attracting artists like Brandi Hart, Jimmy Capps, Junior Blankenship, and more, Blueridge has made waves in the folk and bluegrass community for decades and continues to do so, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.5/5(3)