Are Cage lights out of style?

Are Cage lights out of style?

Are cage pendant lights going out of style? No, not at all. They also tend to be cheaper than other types of pendant lights due to the smaller number of materials required, so this is unlikely to change any time soon.

What Is a swag pendant light?

For those who aren’t familiar with them, swag pendant lamps are either shaded or bare socket hanging ceiling fixtures that provide an economic light source that takes up minimal space. Versatile Fixtures in Any Home. Swag pendant lighting offers a variety of advantages and installation options.

How do you open a pendant light?

Hold the glass strain relief as shown and carefully reach inside your pendant light from below. Unscrew the lightbulb from the threaded socket. Grab your new lightbulb, reach back inside the pendant light and screw in the new one.

What are the lights called that hang over a kitchen island?

1. Pendant lights. A pendant light (or lights) placed over the island can be the jewelry of the kitchen, an essential fixture that will help with your everyday tasks and set the mood. These lights are suspended from the ceiling by a chain, wire, or pole and are perfect for any directed task lighting.

How high should a pendant light hang over an island?

Over a Kitchen Island

  1. The bottom of the pendant should be at least 75-90cm / 30” from the surface of the island.
  2. Pendant lights should be hung around 72” from the floor to the base of the light fixture.

How high should a pendant light be over a bar?

30 to 36 inches
1 // THE RIGHT HEIGHT IS KEY When hanging pendant lights above a bar or a kitchen counter, allow for 30 to 36 inches of air space between counter and the bottom of the pendants. This is the most practical height, especially for pendants used for task lighting.

Are pendant lights necessary?

Kitchen islands that are small, closed-off, or have shorter ceilings do not need pendants because pendants can easily become intrusive, cluttered-looking, and create glare in a smaller kitchen. However, when the space allows, pendants can add extra personality, lighting, and style to a kitchen.

Are pendants in style?

Pendant lights are still very much in style for their intended use. In fact, they are growing in popularity.

What is a plug in pendant light?

A hardwired pendant light has the wire built into the home, where a plug in light simply plugs into an outlet. There are a lot of home appliances that may need to be hardwired, like a dishwasher, oven, or stove.

Is it OK to swag a chandelier?

If hiring an electrician, drywaller, and painter is our of your budget (or your landlord won’t allow it), it’s okay to choose a light fixture with a cord or chain and swag it to meet your needs! The trick to swagging your chandelier is choosing a light fixture that hangs from a cord or chain, *not* from a fixed stem.