Are Catalina sailboats any good?

Are Catalina sailboats any good?

Conclusion. The distillation of her designer’s decades of boat design and building experience, the Catalina 425 is an excellent cruising boat that will carry you just about anywhere in comfort, safety and, yes, speed and style. She’s a worthy winner of a SAIL Best Boats award.

How much does a Catalina 355 cost?

$203,972 USD. The 2021 35′ CATALINA 355 Cruising Sailboat 2021 Catalina 355 is a sail boat for sale located in Georgia, United States. Former winner of Cruising World’s “Domestic Boat of the Year”, the Catalina 355 has proven to be both fast and comfortable.

How fast can a Catalina 30 sail?

The boat has a hull speed of 6.7 kn (12.41 km/h). An optional tall rig has a mast about 2 ft (0.61 m) taller.

Is Catalina Yachts still in business?

Changes are afoot at Catalina Yachts, America’s largest sailboat builder. Longtime designer and company executive Gerry Douglas has announced that after 45 years with the company, he plans to retire in 2021.

Is a Catalina 34 a bluewater boat?

Catalinas are not blue water boats! I have heard this many times, and it always has me scratching my head. I know my boat might not be as seaworthy in the nasty stuff as a full keel Island Packet, but neither is a Hunter or Beneteau.

Is a Catalina 22 a yacht?

The Catalina 22 is an American trailerable sailboat that was designed by Frank V. Butler and first built in 1969….Catalina 22.

Name Catalina 22 Swing Keel
Boat weight 2,490 lb (1,129 kg)
Draft 5.00 ft (1.52 m) with swing keel down

How much does a Catalina 315 cost?

Boat Details

Make Catalina
Model 315 (Factory Base)
Year 2021
Condition New
Price US$168,688

How much is a Catalina 425?

Boat Details

Make Catalina
Model 425 Factory Base
Year 2022
Condition New
Price US$345,723

Is a Catalina 30 a Blue Water boat?

There are berths for seven, including the unique large aft double berth. Beneath all seats and berths are easily accessible compartments for larger gear and supplies. Page 3. U or many the ownership of the Catalina 30 represents the culmination of a dream to possess a comfortable, able, blue water cruising yacht.

Are Catalina 30 good boats?

The Catalina 30 is a very stiff boat. The combination of a high ballast/displacement ratio, extraordinary beam, a deep fin keel, and a fairly small sail plan produce a boat that stands on her feet very well. Owners consider the boat to be just about as fast as other boats of the same size and type.

Who is president of Catalina Yachts?

Frank Butler
A Message from Frank Butler, President of Catalina Yachts When I founded Catalina Yachts in 1970, my goal was not to become the largest sailboat builder in the United States. My goal was, and still is, to build good boats that are a good value for our customers.

Who designed Catalina Yachts?

Gerry Douglas
After 45 years with Catalina Yachts, Gerry Douglas announces his upcoming retirement in 2021. Gerry’s legacy reveals more than 40 Catalina Yacht sailboat designs; 60,000 of the yachts were built by Catalina in both the California and Florida manufacturing facilities.

What makes the Catalina 385 different from other yachts?

Lead keels, long travelers for precise sail control, and lengthy inboard genoa tracks so the sail plan is balanced in all wind conditions are just a few of the many design features that sets the new Catalina 385 apart from other yachts. More unique features include a watertight StrikeZone™ collision bulkhead aft of the anchor locker.

What kind of cockpit does a Catalina have?

Catalina has mastered the sailing cockpit. With long cockpit seating, a folding wheel, and a beamy stern, the Catalina 385 cockpit offers the perfect space for comfortable cruising and entertaining. The seats are wide and long enough to lay down and relax or to comfortably seat 6 for an evening meal.

What do you need to know about a Yamaha 385 boat?

On Deck One critical feature of all the “5” series boats is that, by modern standards, they are not overly beamy. The cockpit on the 385 is thus not quite as capacious as those found on some competitors’ boats, although it is far from cramped. It has a fixed table with fold-down leaves and is large enough for entertaining at anchor.

What are the features of a Catalina?

More unique features include a watertight StrikeZone™ collision bulkhead aft of the anchor locker. A backstay system creates an impressive cockpit for the avid sailor, and Catalina’s unique SecureSocket™ chain plates mast support system affords superior load resolution.