Are crimson spheres missable?

Are crimson spheres missable?

Crimson Sphere 1 The player must return to where they fought Bahamut after Djose Temple becomes a hotspot. It is found on the floor after defeating the Malboro. The sphere is permanently missable if not found before completing all the chapter’s hotspot locations.

Where are all the crimson spheres?

Den of Woe

Crimson Sphere 01 Before completing the Hotspot missions in Besaid and Kilika in Chapter 3 go to where you fought Dark Bahamut in Bevelle Underground. Pick this up from the floor after defeating the Malboro.
Crimson Sphere 02 You will receive this from Nooj and Gippal at the end of Chapter 3.

How many crimson spheres are there?

What Are the Crimson Spheres? In Final Fantasy X-2, there are a total of ten Crimson Spheres hidden around Spira, that can be obtained during the game. These spheres allow you to enter the Den of Woe, located on the bottom level of Mushroom Rock Road.

How do you get to via Infinito?

The Via Infinito is a vast optional dungeon below Bevelle accessed during the 5th chapter of Final Fantasy X-2. It consists of 100 floors or cloisters, beneath each other. In Chapter 5, the player can go to the New Yevon Headquarters and find a glowing glyph on the floor at the end of the path on the right.

How do I beat Tonberry ffx2?

The girls should be equipped with with strong dresspheres, such as the Warrior, so they can do a lot of damage quickly. They should hit it hard and fast with their strongest attacks. If the party has a Cat Nip, one shot from a girl in HP Critical health will kill it.

How do I beat NOOJ?

Turn 1: Use Lightfall. Turn 2: Use Greedy Aura. Turn 3: Use physical attack on random character (or Mega-Potion if he has less than 44,500 HP remaining). Turn 4: Use Fireworks (or Lightfall if he has less than 44,500 HP remaining)

How do you beat elder Drake?

Strategy. Elder Drake can be stopped from using Pyroplexy by siphoning its MP. It has a meager 400 MP pool that can be burned using Magicide, Absorb, Absorb MP, Soul Spring, Mana Spring, or an MP-draining ability from any captured creature (e.g. Garik Ronso’s MP Blowout).

Is Via Infinito required?

Via Infinito is needed for 100% completion in a single run. You also need to partially complete it to unlock the Den of Woe.

How much health does Dontonberry have?

Don Tonberry Basic Information

Name Don Tonberry
HP(Overkill) 480000 (10000) MP
AP(Overkill) 8000 (8000) Gil
Drop (7/8) Farplane Shadow 3 (6) Drop (1/8)
steal (3/4) Candle of Life 2 Steal (1/4)

How much HP does Tonberry have ffx2?


Level HP
25 39996
Strength Magic
16 46

How do you get the Youth League Cup?

Youth League Tournament is unlocked by beating Grand Cup: Hard six times. In this cup, the player will fight various NPCs, including Lucil, Elma, Yaibal, Nooj, Gippal, Baralai, Lulu, Kimahri, Garik, accompanied by two Ronso Youths and the duo of Brother and Buddy.

What are the Crimson spheres for?

Final Fantasy X-2 remaster – Part 61 “The Crimson Sphere’s.” Appears to be part of some kind of record. Crimson Spheres are key items in Final Fantasy X-2 used to gain access to the Den of Woe at Mushroom Rock Road.

What happens if you don’t get all Crimson spheres?

Getting all of the Crimson Spheres allows you to enter the Den of Woe in the canyon of Mushroom Rock Road, which then leads to your being able to complete your Songstress Dressphere 100% and all of this allows you to complete the game 100%. Besides, you miss a bit of the story if you don’t get all of this done.

How many Crimson spheres do I need for Den of woe?

EvilNero – 12 years ago – report 10 Crimson Spheres = Access to Den of Woe. The 5 back-to-back bosses there have good Steals and Drops (make sure Yuna is either a Thief or is using the Treasure Hunt Garment Grid for the first 2). The 3rd and 4th bosses have unique Blue Bullets, so make sure all 3 girls can become Gun Mages.

Where can I find the 8th Crimson sphere?

Crimson Sphere 8 location. The eighth recording is found in Via Infinito’s Cloister 20 in Chapter 5 after defeating Aranea . The recording shows the exhausted Nooj, Gippal, Baralai and Paine have made it to the Rin’s Travel Agency on Mi’ihen Highroad.