Are Fender Jazz basses good?

Are Fender Jazz basses good?

The Fender Jazz Bass is an excellent bass guitar. It is one of the most highly thought of basses in the world. While, perhaps, not as distinctive as the Precision Bass it is more versatile. The short answer it is a good guitar but maybe not the right guitar.

How much is a 1966 Fender Jazz Bass worth?

The 1966 list price for a custom finish Jazz Bass was $285 (plus $59.50 for the case). The current value is $12,500.

Are Fender basses made in China?

These accouterments were supposed to improve the looks of the bass, but for modern bass players, they are more of a deterrence than anything else. …

How tall is a Fender Jazz Bass?

Overall length is 46 1/2 in. (118.1 cm.), 14 in. (35.6 cm.) wide at lower bout, and 1 5/8 in.

Why are Fender basses so expensive?

Bass guitar is usually more expensive than regular guitars because the production of one bass guitar requires more raw materials. Also, regular guitars sell more than bass guitars. Therefore, profit margins are not big enough, so companies are compelled to raise a price for bass guitars.

Who plays a Fender Jazz Bass?

Even a short list of players known for the using the instrument is most impressive—Joe Osborn, Jack Casady, Noel Redding, Larry Graham, Herbie Flowers, Greg Lake, Jaco Pastorius, John Paul Jones, Sting, Geddy Lee, Marcus Miller, Flea, Ron Blair, Adam Clayton and Verdine White.

Are Fender basses the best?

The standard jazz bass from Fender was introduced in 1960 and is still one of the best-selling bass guitars in existence. It’s an all-of-the-above type of instrument, having made its way into literally every style of music. It can be both the first and only bass you buy.

What bass did Queen use?

For most of Queen’s career, he used a Fender Precision Bass, which underwent a number of cosmetic changes. Towards the end of the group’s career, he used a custom bass designed by Roger Giffin.

Are fenders overpriced?

The biggest thing to consider with Fender, are the Custom Shop Fat 50s for the Stratocaster and Custom Shop Twisted Tele neck and Broadcaster bridge pickups for Telecasters. Regardless of the quality of pickups, this plays into the whole vintage factor of things, which makes Fender guitars more expensive.

Why are Fender Stratocasters so popular?

Designed with the Player in Mind The number one reason the Fender Stratocaster is so great is because it was designed with you, the player, in mind. Leo Fender wasn’t a musician.

What bass did John Paul Jones use?

Fender Jazz Bass
After retiring his Fender Jazz Bass (which he had been using since his days with The Shadows in the early 1960s) from touring in 1975, Jones switched to using custom-designed Alembic basses for touring.

Did John Deacon use a jazz bass?

Deacon’s Precision playing Some early pictures show him with a natural Fender Jazz Bass, others where he’s using a Kramer Custom, a Wal Pro Bass and a sunburst Music Man StingRay could be seen as a backup on several shows.