Are Focal Point gas fires good?

Are Focal Point gas fires good?

Focal Point fires offer innovative designs and functionality, providing a stylish heat output to compliment a range of interior decors. Focal Point fireplaces are extremely heat efficient, with great heat outputs to warm up even the largest of rooms.

What is a plasma gas fire?

Sometimes known as Plasma style fires A wide range of Hole In The Wall Gas Fires available from some of the top fire manufacturers including Flavel and Valor. There are various styles on offer to accommodate almost all decors. All of the fires below are designed to be mounted into a hole in the wall.

How do you install a flueless gas fireplace?

Description of this example installation

  1. Install the hearth.
  2. Fit the backing plate to the wall and secure the fireplace wall bracket.
  3. Secure the surround to the wall.
  4. Hang the flueless gas fire on the wall bracket.
  5. Connect gas and comission appliance.
  6. Add the stone fascia to the fire.
  7. Thats it – all done.

Can you get flueless gas fires?

Flueless gas stoves burn incredibly cleanly, using a catalytic converter to turn carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour. As these gasses are perfectly safe, they can be released back into your room without the need for a flue.

Who makes focal point gas fires?

Superior Fires
Superior Fires introduces both elegance and quality to the individual who values the very best in exclusive fire design. This is our vision and we hope we can help create your perfect focalpoint.

Where are Focal Point Fires made?

Christchurch, Dorset
Originally founded in 1983, Focal Point Fires Ltd is located in Christchurch, Dorset where we manufacture and distribute high quality gas and electric fires. Over the years, the company has grown to become one of the leading gas and electric fire manufacturers in the marketplace.

Is plasma hotter than fire?

Fire is just a gas that’s so hot it emits light. Plasma is a gas that’s so much hotter that the electrons also come loose from the atoms (and it still emits light.)

How hot is plasma fire?

Naturally occurring plasmas can reach temperatures of up to 106eV (1eV ~ 11600K) [1], in industrial ap-plications maximum temperatures lie around 1eV [2].

Do all flueless gas fires need ventilation?

Flueless fires require an air vent leading from the room where it is located to the outside. A flueless fire can only be used with other heat sources as well. It is not possible to use as the primary heating supply. There must be radiators or another heat source to enable installation.

What is the best flueless gas fire?

For those who don’t want to – or can’t – install any kind of chimney or flue, we recommend the Burley Esteem 4221 Flueless Gas Stove. So long as you follow all of the safety requirements for installing one, a flueless gas stove has the benefit of 100% efficiency as no heat is lost up a chimney!

Can I have a gas fireplace without a chimney?

Ventless gas fireplaces are a sub-category of gas fireplaces. They run on natural gas or liquid propane. They are designed to operate without a chimney or vent. The design is achieved by reducing the number of emissions by burning less gas.

Can a gas fireplace be installed without a chimney?

Vent-free fireplaces can be installed without the need for a chimney, piping system, or any external venting that spews the fumes outside of the home. Because the byproducts linger in the same room as the fireplace and for safety purposes, the hearth products are manufactured to burn clean.