Are gang injunctions legal?

Are gang injunctions legal?

It is based on the legal theory that gang activity constitutes a public nuisance that can prevent non–gang members of the community from enjoying peace and public order. An injunction is obtained against the gang itself, after which the police and district attorney may decide against whom they will enforce it upon.

What is a gang injunction violation?

Gang injunctions: violations: contempt of court. Existing law provides for injunctive relief from the unlawful activities of criminal street gangs. Existing law provides that disobedience of the terms of any court order constitutes a contempt of court, and is punishable as a misdemeanor.

What has been the impact of gang injunctions on crime?

Gang injunctions are estimated to reduce total crime 5% in the short-term and 18% in the long-term, most of the effect coming from reductions in assaults. Analyses of the three interrupted injunctions yielded estimates of similar magnitude, providing further support of a crime reduction effect of gang injunctions.

Are gang injunctions unconstitutional?

The use of gang injunctions raises many constitutional concerns, including violations of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 14th amendments. Even if interpreted as constitutional, gang injunctions have been proven ineffective in preventing and deterring gang members from engaging in violent gang activity.

Do gang injunctions still exist?

Across the city there are currently 46 “permanent orders” enjoining 79 different gangs or factions. In light of the settlement, however, police are not enforcing them against any individual people, said Rob Wilcox, a spokesman for the city attorney’s office.

What is the strongest gang in California?

Since the 1920s, the 38th Street gang has continued its criminal activities and has evolved to become one of California’s most violent street gangs. Members conduct various activities, including drug sales, murder, theft and vandalism.

How Big Is White Fence gang?

The gang, with a strength of over 3,000, also operated in the Westside, Las Vegas, Mexico, Arkansas, Oregon, and Guatemala.

What is a gang order?

These are civil court orders that prohibit a gang and its members from conducting certain specified activities within a defined geographic area known as a safety zone. Gang Injunctions significantly reduce gang violence and gang membership.

What is gang abatement?

City Attorney “Civil Gang Abatement” is a coordinated effort by prosecutors, police and local residents to significantly reduce i11egal gang activity through the procurement of a civil court injunction prohibiting gang members from engaging in certain otherwise lawful conduct.

How do you get a gang injunction?

A gang injunction is obtained by the City attorney or District attorney who asks a judge to declare that a particular gang is a “public nuisance” and impose permanent restrictions on the targeted individuals’ daily lives.

What is the White Fence gang in La?

White Fence Gang. The White Fence Gang are primarily a Mexican-American criminal street gang and was one of the first original barrio to originate in East Los Angeles, California. The name is the result of a white picket that ran along side of their neighborhood nearby train tracks between the Los Angeles River and Downtown LA.

What is white fence?

White Fence consisted of two cliques around the Los Angeles region and San Gabriel Valley. White Fence has been around since the 1930s, in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles and are still very active on Lorena Street.

Who are the members of the White Fence?

Other well known members from White Fence include Oso, Wacky, Popeye, Rascal and Vago. Today, White Fence is one of the largest geographical gangs in the Boyle Heights and in 2006 the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office filed a civil injunction against the gang, labeling it a nuisance.

What does WF stand for in gangs?

White Fence. White Fence (also known by the acronym WF) is a predominantly Mexican American street gang in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of East Los Angeles. History. White Fence is the oldest gang in Los Angeles.