Are Gazco fires any good?

Are Gazco fires any good?

“Absolutely Brilliant Fire and Surround” We recently had a Gazco Studio 2 gas fire fitted with a Graphite Steel surround – we are absolutely thrilled with it! The gas fire looks amazing, especially when it is on and it heats up the room in minutes. Once again excellent fire!

Why does my Gazco fire keep going out?

Sometimes the pilot just gets blocked with pet hairs or carpet fluff. Another reason is that the coals may be touching the pilot assembly, or there may be some soot blocking pilot. Just move the coals away slightly and vacuum up any soot around that area.

Why does my Gazco fire smell?

It is quite normal for the smell to last for around 2 days basically it is the paint hardening and sometimes gives off a little smoke too. After I had put her mind at rest she was quite happy and just opened the windows and closed the door to the room it’s in and left it to smoke away.

Are gas fireplace remotes universal?

Gas Fireplaces Are Compatible with Specific Remote Controls Fireplace remote controls provide plenty of added convenience for gas fireplaces; however, they do require compatibility with certain remote controls.

Who makes Gazco fires?

The Stovax Heating Group
The Stovax Heating Group has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of exceptional stoves, fires and fireplaces for 38 years.

Are Gazco electric fires noisy?

The flame effects in an electric fireplace are commonly created using a combination of rotating mirrors and lights. We find that the noises created from the components inside the electric fireplace that are producing the flames aren’t too loud.

Why is my Gazco remote not working?

If your Gazco remote control gas fire won’t switch on, your going to want to change the batteries. If you’ve changed the batteries in your remote control and your fire, and it still won’t switch on, the next step will be to get a gas safe registered engineer to come and service your gas fire.

Can you get a replacement remote for a fireplace?

Like all small electrical components, a fireplace remote control may fail after years of regular use. If your remote is in this age range, you may be due for a replacement. Fortunately, these remotes are easy to install, and it only takes a few minutes to swap in a new unit.

What are some good reviews of gazco gas fire?

Edit: Just seen a couple of similar reviews from others, including a disregard for heating needs of vulnerable people. We purchased a gas fire to replace a flood damaged one. Initially it worked well and provided heat in a hard to heat area. When it was 11 months old the igniter failed and I contacted Gazco about a warranty replacement.

Where can I buy spare parts for my gazco appliance?

Only use Genuine Gazco spares when servicing your appliance. All of our essential spare parts and consumable items are available to purchase from our webshop at 50 18. Spares List – Studio 2 Servicing Instructions – Replacing Parts No. Component Part Code Qty. Natural Gas LPG

What is the warranty on my gazco stove or fireplace?

The 2 year warranty can be further extended to a total warranty period of 5 years by registering your Gazco Stove or Fireplace within one month of the latter of the purchase date or installation date. Accordingly, the start date for the warranty period is the date of purchase.

How do I contact gazco customer service?

Gazco Limited, Osprey Road, Sowton Industrial Estate, Exeter, Devon, England EX2 7JG Technical Customer Services: (01392) 261950 Fax: (01392) 261951 E-mail: [email protected] A member of the Stovax Group E & O E Created Date 20191205142322Z