Are Gransfors Bruks axes worth the money?

Are Gransfors Bruks axes worth the money?

The Gränsfors Bruk axe is a serious tool, unadorned and raw. And it really works. I have used the Small Forest Axe and the Wildlife Hatchet, and both are great, but I gravitated more to the Wildlife Hatchet model.

Are wetterlings axes good?

5.0 out of 5 stars My Wetterling Forester Axe is incredible! I must have gotten one of the good ones, because this sucker is great! My axe is wicked sharp, and the fit and finish is amazing.

What is the difference between hultafors and Hults Bruk?

Okay, Hults Bruk and Hultafors, what’s the hell is the difference? Hults Bruk was bought by The Hultafors group in 1992 and manufactures axes for both brands. The Hults Bruk brand is sold in the US, while Hultafors is international. 8 identical premium axes are sold by both brands under different names.

Can you still buy wetterlings axes?

Wetterlings axes are currently only available for purchase at the factory store in Storvik, Sweden.

Where are Wetterlings axes made?

All production takes place in our axe forge in Storvik, just outside Gävle. The company started in 1880, and Wetterlings now exports axes to ten or so countries and also manufactures some of the axe-models for Gränsfors Bruk.

Where are Stihl axes made?

The head of this model is 600g and made in Italy.

What does Hults Bruk mean in Swedish?

“Bruk” is Swedish for factory, and the Hults factory has been turning out axes since 1697, which has given them quite a bit of practice.

Are Swedish axes the best?

The Swedes are the world’s greatest axe enthusiasts and Gransfors Bruk is their finest forge. Gransfors Bruk has produced outstanding Swedish axes and hatchets, such as the. Gransfors Bruk have designed axes for a range of activities including splitting wood, felling trees and even log house building.

Who bought Wetterlings?

In 2007, Gabriel Brånby, who, from 1985 to 2009, owned and managed Gränsfors Bruks AB, purchased Wetterling’s axe forge. He sold the latter in 2009 to Adam and Daniel Brånby, two of his four children.

Where are Prandi axes made?

Prandi Axes has continued to be innovative for more than fifty years in order to be present on the high quality woodcutting tools market that are exclusively Made in Italy.

Who made Husqvarna axes?

The 19-inch Husqvarna Carpenter’s axe is a popular axe among outdoorsmen and carpenters alike. Made in Sweden by the same company that makes the highly-regarded Hults Bruk axes, Husqvarna’s axes are also high-quality axes at around half the price or less than Hults Bruk axes go for.

What country makes the best axes?

The Swedes are the world’s greatest axe enthusiasts, and Gransfors Bruks is one of their finest forges. Gransfors Bruks Swedish Axes are among the finest hand forged tools in the world today. Each Gransfors Axe is stamped with pride by the smith who forged it.