Are Hornady InterLock bullets any good?

Are Hornady InterLock bullets any good?

250 Savage and . 257 Roberts rifles, and the 100-grain InterLock has always been one of the most accurate bullets for both. Typical of most cup and core centerfire rifle bullets, the InterLock needs to impact at about 1700 fps to provide measureable expansion.

What is the difference between Hornady InterLock and SST?

The Interlock is a standard cup and core bullet with a lead tip. The SST was created to lengthen the nose a little with the polymer tip, which increases the BC (for better down range performance at longer ranges). The SST has the same cup and core design, but with the polymer tip. The tip also helps initiate expansion.

What is a Hornady SP bullet?

Hornady Soft Point (SP) Series Reloading Bullets – Traditional line of soft point bullets features exposed lead tips for controlled expansion and hard-hitting terminal performance.

Is the Hornady SST a good bullet?

Flat shooting and deadly accurate, it’s an ideal bullet for whitetails, as well as most North American game animals from antelope to moose and similar-sized African plains game. The SST® creates a devastatingly large wound channel.

Is Hornady SST a bonded bullet?

Just to be clear, the SST bullet IS a cup and core bullet. It’s not bonded.

Are Hornady InterLock bullets good for deer?

Registered. The Hornady Interlock bullet is a decent bullet for a jacketed hunting bullet. They will do just fine on a whitetail.

What type of bullet is federal Fusion?

This ammo type is marketed as “mid-range” by Federal Premium, and is somewhere between average and “premium” ammo. Most commonly found in Federal . 223 to 7mm Rem. Mag., Fusion can accommodate most any hunter’s needs.

What is the difference between Nosler AccuBond and Hornady interbond?

They are both constructed with a Spitzer design and boat tail base. Both bullets have a polymer tip that is seated in a cavity provided by the bullet jacket. The main visual difference is the color choice of manufacturers. The Hornady utilizes a red tip while the Nosler opts to go with a white one.