Are Mark and Lard still friends?

Are Mark and Lard still friends?

Mark and Lard went their separate ways in 2004 – Riley now has his own 6 Music show. “We see each other at work and we’re perfectly pleasant and might have a chat, but we’re not mates in the sense we do stuff together.

What band was Mark Radcliffe in?

The Family Mahone
Mark Radcliffe/Music groups

Radio and music. During his student years, Radcliffe was a member of a number of bands, including a short stint as the drummer for the band Skrewdriver but left before their later transformation into a white power group.

Why was Marc Riley sacked from the fall?

Marc Riley – now a DJ but a Fall guitarist from 1978-82 – says he was sacked for hitting Smith back after the singer punished the band for an “average” gig by slapping each musician in turn.

Who is Mark Radcliffe married to?

Bella SharpMark Radcliffe / Spouse (m. 1997)

Which Radio 1 DJ was in the fall?

Marc Riley
Riley has worked in radio since about 1991; for 14 years of that he worked with Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 5 and BBC Radio 1, during which time he was known as Lard. He joined 6 Music in April 2004….

Marc Riley
Other names Lard
Known for BBC Radio 6 Music, Mark and Lard, Shirehorses, The Fall, The Creepers

Did the breakfast show with Lard?

They had presented the Radio 1 Breakfast Show as stand-ins for Chris Evans, and after his departure from Radio 1, Mark and Lard took over the flagship show on 17 February 1997. Mark and Lard moved to an early afternoon slot (2-4pm, later 1-3pm), where they continued until 26 March 2004.

How long was Marc Riley in the fall?

Links To Peel Peel got into the Creepers, when Marc Riley left one of Peel’s favourite bands, The Fall, to create a new band called Marc Riley & The Creepers. The group did 5 sessions for Peel’s show between 1983 and 1987.

Is Mark Radcliffe okay?

The Cheshire-based Radcliffe was diagnosed with head and neck cancer at the end of last year, requiring the removal of tumours from his neck and mouth. He is now in remission. The illness forced him to spend several months off air, during which time Maconie broadcast on his own.

How old is Radcliffe?

63 years (June 29, 1958)Mark Radcliffe / Age

Who is Daniel Radcliffe’s father?

Alan RadcliffeDan Radcliffe / Father

Did the breakfast show with lard?

Was lard in The Fall?

Radio career Mark and Lard moved to Radio 1’s 10 pm slot in 1993, followed by an unsuccessful move to the breakfast show in February 1997, and finally to the 1 pm to 3 pm slot in October that year. Their final show on the station was in March 2004.