Are Nebraska court records public?

Are Nebraska court records public?

Consequently, qualified individuals can request and obtain Nebraska court records being public records, except they are not subject to public disclosure. Public records include all documents, irrespective of their physical forms, generated by government officials while performing their duties to the public.

Can you look up court cases in Nebraska?

Records come from the appellate court case management system, known as SCCALES, and require a subscriber account through Searches can be performed using the appellate court case number, or the original trial court case number. Viewing the details of any case returned in a search is $1.

How do I collect a small claims Judgement in Nebraska?

person and apply it to the amount owed the judgment creditor. To start a small claim proceeding, you must file a claim form with the clerk of the county court. The form is available at the county court or at

Are police reports public record in Nebraska?

Records available to the general public include arrest records, police reports, and court records. Nebraska law provides some exceptions to accessing public government records. For instance, access to vital records is restricted to certain eligible persons.

Are divorce records public in Nebraska?

Divorce records in Nebraska become public information after fifty years. Until this statutory period of confidentiality elapses, only eligible requesters may obtain divorce records in Nebraska, including the persons named on the record, immediate family members, and authorized legal representatives.

Are Nebraska courts open?

Information For Court Users All Nebraska trial courts are open. Some counties may have enacted restrictions, which may include, but not be limited to: Health checks by staff prior to entering courtrooms.

How much does it cost to take someone to small claims court in Nebraska?

You may mail a completed petition form to the clerk if you have signed it before a Nebraska Notary Public. In Lancaster County the filing fee is $23.00 and serving the petition on the defendant by certified mail costs $5.73.

What is the limit for small claims court in Nebraska?

Small Claims Court is limited to civil (non-criminal) actions involving disputes over amounts of money owed, damage to property, or seeking the return of personal property. Judgments in small claims court may not exceed $3,500.00.

How do I get a copy of a police report in Nebraska?

Requesting a Copy of a Police Report (402) 444-5600

  1. Request Online.
  2. Call the front desk at (402) 444-5600.

Where can I find court records in Nebraska?

These records are publicly accessible in many ways, but interested persons must know what they seek and where to find them. Nebraska court records are available online and in courthouses. How Do I Find District and County Courts Records in Nebraska?

What is a court order form in Nebraska?

The Nebraska Supreme Court has approved court orders forms for abuse/neglect cases. Created according to type of hearing, the court order forms contain both the federally required IV-E language and best practice findings that courts should be making at the specific stage in the proceedings.

What kind of cases are heard in Nebraska District Court?

The Nebraska District Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction. It serves as an appellate court in deciding on appeals from County Court cases and many administrative agencies. Most criminal and civil cases of all kinds may be initiated and heard at this court.

What is a small claims judgment in Nebraska?

Small Claims Court in Nebraska is a division of County Court that helps to resolve minor disputes in the state. The maximum judgment in Nebraska small claims cases is $3,900. The type of matters the court handles is limited to civil actions.