Are profender shocks any good?

Are profender shocks any good?

These are made of the highest quality material that allows them provide excellent performance. 100% QC tested and Aluminum components are all machined to reach excellent tolerances. A new innovation from Profender is the 2.5″ Profender Air Shock. This shock is light weight and heavy duty.

Is profender good suspension?

Profender Coilovers are designed closely around the leading shock brands in the offroad racing, although the quality is not as high as kings Shocks these are a very good alternative if sticking to a build budget. Profender shocks are fully rebuildable, servicable and rebuildable .

Where are profender shocks made?

Profender was established in 1976 in Thailand and is specialized in developing and manufacturing high quality shock absorbers for all kind of 4×4 vehicles.

Are air shocks better than regular shocks?

Why stay with air? Air shocks are typically lighter, more easily tuneable (being able to change their spring load via a shock pump, rather than a new coil spring), and work well with virtually any suspension linkage. Modern air shocks are highly tuneable, comparatively inexpensive, and robust.

Where are superior engineering shocks made?

100% Australian owned and operated, Superior Engineering’s main distribution and manufacturing headquarters is located in Burpengary, Queensland, 35 minutes to the north of the Brisbane CBD.

Whats better coil or air?

If we were to evaluate both only on performance, a coil shock is superior. That’s because an air-spring shock requires tight seals to capture pressurized air. A coil, however, operates without seals because it doesn’t have to hold air under high pressure. And it’s not just the damper that’s affected by heat.

Do air shocks lose air?

The only way you can lose air from the system is if the shock pump seal or shock valve pin is damaged. Hair, dirt or damage to the pump head seal will allow air to creep out between the valve and pump head and lose pressure.

Who owns superior engineering?

Is superior engineering legal?

Superior Engineering Products Are Street Legal These products DO NOT require separate approvals to be used on Public roads within Australia.

Why is air fork better than coil?

Air forks provide better bottom-out resistance Near the end of the range, it takes a huge amount of force to further compress the air inside. The total amount of force required to compress an air fork and bottom it out is greater than a coil fork. This is assuming that both are set for the same rider weight.

Which is better air or spring suspension?

Some shippers view air ride as the top suspension choice for handling, lateral control and roll stability, and it’s often said to be gentler on freight. On the other hand, spring ride has comparable damping characteristics (the control of motion or oscillation) to air ride for full loads.

What PSI should rear shocks be?

For the rear shock, start at about half of your rider weight for air pressure. You will have to adjust from here, but you will want to achieve the proper SAG for your frame, as recommended by your frame manufacturer. Typically this is somewhere between 30-40% of overall travel.