Are T8 and T12 bulbs the same?

Are T8 and T12 bulbs the same?

T8 tubes are simply 1 inch in diameter versus the 1.5 inch diameter of T12 tubes. In an effort to make LED tube lights compatible with the internal dimensions of most fixtures, you will find that most LED tube lights feature a T8 or 1 inch diameter. They can indeed be used in T12 fixtures.

Which is better T8 or T12?

The smaller the lamps the more energy efficient they are. T8 bulbs use about 35% less electricity to produce the same amount of light as a T12. For some applications, one T5 bulb can replace two T12 bulbs, providing even greater energy savings (a process called “de-lamping.”)

Whats brighter T8 or T12?

The Standard T12 lamp produces 2,650 initial lumens per lamp. The standard T8 produces 2,800 initial lumens per lamp, 6% brighter. But the standard T12 lamp produces 2,300 design lumens and the T8 produces 2,660 design lumens. Design Lumens are the average lumen output of the lamp after 40% of its rated life.

Do T8 and T12 bulbs use the same ballast?

T12 and T8 lamps also differ on the ballast that they are operated with most of the time. T12 primarily run off a magnetic ballasts and T8 bulbs operate on electronic ballasts. Even though the fluorescent light socket is exactly the same for both of them, they cannot operate on the same ballast.

What happens if you put a T8 bulb in a T12 fixture?

T8 LED tubes won’t fall out if you try to install them in a T12 fixture—they’ll fit just fine. This is because T12 fixtures have non-shunted tombstones, exactly what you need for LED tubes. T8 fixtures have shunted tombstones, and those tombstones need to be replaced as part of the conversion to LED.

Will T12 bulbs fit in T8 fixtures?

In terms of physical compatibility, both T8 and T12 lamps use the same G13 bi-pin base, so as long as they are the same length (e.g. 4-ft), a T8 lamp will physically fit inside a T12 fixture.

Can T8 replace T12?

The easiest and lowest price option to replace a T12 is a T8 linear fluorescent. They have become the go-to option for pre-existing T12s. If you still have magnetic ballasts, switching to a T8 will require a ballast swap. Another option is to move forward with an LED retrofit.

Are T8 fluorescent bulbs being discontinued?

Even some T8 lamps have been phased out. US Congress has enacted legislation to prohibit the manufacture of these and other inefficient lighting technologies, and is calling for manufacturers to meet minimum efficiency requirements and lumens per watt for new products.

What does T8 stand for?

What does “T8” mean? The “T” designation in fluorescent lamp nomenclature stands for tubular — the shape of the lamp. The number immediately follow- ing the T gives the diameter of the lamp in eighths of an inch.

Are T12 fluorescent bulbs being phased out?

In effect since July 2012, the legislation eliminates nearly all 4-foot T12 lamps, some 4-foot T8 lamps, most 8-foot T12 lamps, and almost all standard halogen PAR38, PAR30 and PAR20 lamps from the market. T12 technology is over 80 years old. Since that time, lamps and bulbs have been developed that just work better.

How do I know if my ballast is T8 or T12?

If no markings are available, the size in diameter of the tube is the easiest way to determine the type you have installed. T8 tubes are 1-inch in diameter and T12 tubes are 1 1/2 -inch.

Are T12 fluorescent bulbs obsolete?

As a result, in 2009, the department announced the eventual phase out of the 1.5-inch-diameter fluorescent T12 tubes. The mandate said production of the tubes would have to cease after July 14, 2012. Big-name manufacturers like Philips and Sylvania were granted two-year extensions on the deadline.

What is the difference between T12 and T8 LED light tubes?

The T12 is 1.5 inches in diameter and the T8 is 1 inch in diameter. Many years ago, the research found out that if they could make the light tube thinner, then there would also be greater energy efficiency associated with it.

Are T8 fluorescent lamps more efficient?

The narrower your choice of fluorescent lamp is, the more efficient its energy output would be. Hence if you are going to replace a T12 lamp with a T8, you will have a considerable savings in energy which could be as high as 40 percent.

What is the difference between T6 and T8?

The main difference is in size…the T8 is one inch in diameter and everything else is divisible by that number: T5 = 5/8 inch, T6 = 6/8 inch, T8 = 1 inch, T10 = 1.25 inches (10/8), T12 = 1.5 inches in diameter (12/8). They are available in same lengths and same base types.

Why are T12 bulbs so important?

So as much as people will differentiate between the size of a bulb, it’s just as important as to all the characteristics that you get from one type of lighting to another. T12 bulbs are simply an older technology that arose back in the 1940’s which was a big step forward in lighting.