Are there any A-6 Intruders still flying?

Are there any A-6 Intruders still flying?

Although the Intruder could not match the F-14’s or the F/A-18’s speed or air-combat capability, the A-6’s range and load-carrying ability are still unmatched by newer aircraft in the fleet. At the time of retirement, several retired A-6 airframes were awaiting rewinging at the Northrop Grumman facility at St.

How good is A-6 Intruder?

The all-business A-6 was capable of doling out a very heavy punch far from its home at sea and it was most at home down low, deep in the weeds, barrelling through enemy territory under the darkness of night.

How much did an A-6 cost?

Grumman A-6 Intruder

A-6 Intruder
Status Retired
Primary users United States Navy United States Marine Corps
Number built 693
Unit cost US$43 million (1998)

How many U.S. aircraft shot down in Vietnam?

All told, the U.S. Air Force flew 5.25 million sorties over South Vietnam, North Vietnam, northern and southern Laos, and Cambodia, losing 2,251 aircraft: 1,737 to hostile action, and 514 in accidents. 2,197 of the losses were fixed-wing, and the remainder rotary-wing.

When was the A-6 Intruder retired?

1997Grumman A-6 Intruder / Retired

How loud is an EA-6B?

The EA-18G Growler is louder than the F-18 BD which is the loudest jet on the chart at 152 decibels compared to the F-22 at 146 decibels and the EA-6B at 148 decibels.

What is an A6E intruder?

An A-6E Intruder aircraft assigned to USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. S-3A Viking, A-6E Intruder, and an EA-6B Prowler aircraft are parked on the flight deck of aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy during a storm. The Intruder received a new standardized US DOD designation of A-6A in the Autumn of 1962, and entered squadron service in February 1963.

When did the Grumman A6 Intruder come out?

Grumman A-6 Intruder. The Grumman A-6 Intruder is an American, twinjet all-weather attack aircraft built by Grumman Aerospace. In service with the United States Navy and Marine Corps between 1963 and 1997, the Intruder was designed as an all-weather medium attack aircraft to replace the piston-engined Douglas A-1 Skyraider.

Where were A-6 Intruders used in Vietnam?

Although capable of embarking aboard aircraft carriers, most U.S. Marine Corps A-6 Intruders were shore based in South Vietnam at Chu Lai and Da Nang and in Nam Phong, Thailand . A-6 Intruders were later used in support of other operations, such as the Multinational Force in Lebanon in 1983.

When did the Grumman KA-6 Intruder fly?

In April 1960, the aircraft performed its maiden flight and was introduced in 1963. The A-6 Intruder was in service with the United States Navy as well as the United States Marine Corps and was retired in February 1997 and April 1993, respectively. U.S. Navy Grumman KA-6D Intruder from Attack Squadron 34 (VA-34) “Blue Blasters” in flight.