Are there two Sonali Kulkarni?

Are there two Sonali Kulkarni?

Sonali Kulkarni (born 3 November 1974) is an Indian actress. She has worked in Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi, and Tamil films….

Sonali Kulkarni
Years active 1992–1996,1999-present
Spouse(s) Chandrakant Kulkarni ​ ​ (divorced)​ Nachiket Pantvaidya ​ ( m. 2010)​
Children 1
Relatives Amruta Subhash (sister-in-law)

Is Sonali Kulkarni vegetarian?

It’s a regular lunch and dinner but generally a vegetarian one as I can prepare many good vegetarian dishes and my family and friends love it.

Where is Sonali Kulkarni from?

Pune, IndiaSonali Kulkarni / Place of birth

How old is Sonali Kulkarni?

47 years (November 3, 1974)Sonali Kulkarni / Age

Who is Sonali Kulkarni husband?

Nachiket PantvaidyaSonali Kulkarni / Husband (m. 2010)

Who is prarthana Behere husband?

Abhishek JavkarPrarthana Behere / Husband (m. 2017)
Personal life. Prarthana married film director and writer, Abhishek Jawkar on November 2017 in Goa.

How old is Archana?

59 years (September 26, 1962)Archana Puran Singh / Age

Who is husband of Amruta Subhash?

Sandesh KulkarniAmruta Subhash / Husband

Subhash is married to director Sandesh Kulkarni. Kulkarni has directed Subhash in plays such as Sathecha Kaay Karayacha! and Pahila Vahila.

Where does prarthana Behere live?

Prarthana Behere was born on 5 January 1983 in Vadodara, Gujarat to a Marathi family. Behere started her career with the Marathi film Rita as Anuradha Salvi in 2009.

How old is Anita?

59 years (August 13, 1962)Anita Raj / Age

How old is Akshay Kumar?

54 years (September 9, 1967)Akshay Kumar / Age

What is the age of Amruta Subhash?

42 years (May 13, 1979)Amruta Subhash / Age

Who is Sonalee Kulkarni’s father?

Sonalee Kulkarni was born to Manohar and Savinder Kulkarni in the army cantonment of Khadki, near Pune. Her father Manohar Kulkarni is a retired Army doctor who served Army Medical Center for 30 years.

What is the difference between Sonalee benodekar and Sonali Kulkarni?

For the businesswoman, see Sonali Kulkarni (businesswoman). Not to be confused with Sonali Kulkarni. Sonalee Benodekar (née ‘ Kulkarni; born 18 May 1988) is an Indian actress who mainly acts in Marathi cinema and Bollywood films.

Who are Manohar and Savinder Kulkarni?

Her father Manohar Kulkarni is a retired Army doctor who served Army Medical Center for 30 years. Her mother, Savinder, is Punjabi who worked for COD at Dehu Road, Pune.