Are WoodHaven Turkey calls good?

Are WoodHaven Turkey calls good?

The best in sound quality and range, Woodhaven Turkey Hunting Friction Calls provide it all. Great for locating turkeys in the field, these friction calls will keep bringing the hunt to you. All of our products are handmade and quality tested.

Who makes WoodHaven Turkey calls?

Mike Pentecost
Drawing from a lifetime of outdoor experience, Mike Pentecost builds high-quality game calls through his company, WoodHaven Custom Calls. Pentecost began hunting in the forests of Cleburne County at 10 years old. “I followed my father and grandfather’s footsteps into the woods,” he says.

What is the best WoodHaven turkey mouth call?

Red Wasp Turkey Call
Product Description. The Red Wasp Turkey Call is one of Woodhaven’s best selling Diaphragm calls. It features v-cut latex reed over prophylactic reeds to produce the raspy cutts and yelps of an old hen.

How do you use WoodHaven box call?

55 second suggested clip0:244:27Mastering Box Calls – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe way to where it finishes. Get the rasp. And it’s literally that simple you’re going to startMoreThe way to where it finishes. Get the rasp. And it’s literally that simple you’re going to start here and then put hand rhythm to it.

Are Woodhaven calls worth the money?

Re: Cheap calls vs expensive calls Zink, Woodhaven are imo not worth anything near what they ask. To each his own. Price wise you can pay tons for a box or get one from SS that will blow most others away for way less, so there more expensive is not better, unless you’re talking about the walmart stuff again.

Are Woodhaven mouth calls good?

Woodhaven Ninja Hammer It is an excellent call for loud raspy yelps, kee kees, kee kee run, cuts, and will do softer purrs and clucks. Most hunters who use this call love it because of its sound and versatility. Some hunters swear this is the best call ever.

Where are WoodHaven Custom Calls made?

in USA
Made in USA Turkey Calls WoodHaven Custom Calls is proud to be one of the top creators and distributors of game calls in the entire United States. Our handmade turkey calls are second to none, and made right here in Alabama – matching and exceeding the quality and precision of anything other call out there.

How do you use a mouth turkey call?

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What is the easiest turkey mouth call to use?

The 4 Best Turkey Mouth Calls

  • Woodhaven Red Wasp Diaphragm: Best Overall Turkey Mouth Call.
  • HS Strut Premium Flex Combo: Best Turkey Mouth Call for Beginners.
  • Primos Hunting Upper Cut: Best for the Budget.
  • Primos Hunting Hook Hunter: Best Primos Turkey Mouth Call.

How do you master the box call?

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What is the easiest turkey call to use?

Box Calls
Box Calls: Box calls are a wonderful beginner call for turkey hunters. They are easy to operate, their vocals sound very realistic, and but gripping differently, you can sound like more than just one turkey.

Who owns Houndstooth calls?

Lyle Gilbert –
Lyle Gilbert – Company Owner – Houndstooth Game Calls | LinkedIn.

Why choose Woodhaven turkey hunting box calls?

Woodhaven Turkey Hunting Box Calls put you in the game and those gobblers in your sights. Our handmade custom calls are quality assured and field tested before they ever make it to you.

Why choose Woodhaven custom calls?

At WoodHaven Custom Calls, we know hunting. All of our deer and turkey calls are designed to help you succeed every time you’re in the woods. We offer the easiest to use, most realistic calls on the market!

What is the best box call for hunting turkeys?

Woodhaven’s custom box calls are designed specifically to help you bag that big gobbler. Our high pitch calls are great for locating turkeys anytime. With their loud, raspy yelps, you’ll be cutting through leaves, wind, and rain to get your turkeys closer.

What’s new at Woodhaven?

Our newest line of Turkey Calls are sure to be deadly in the field this spring for hunters nationwide! At WoodHaven, we have tried to continue to raise the bar in sound quality and realism within the new Ninja Series. Are you a Turkey Hunting Ninja?