Can canvas randomize quiz questions?

Can canvas randomize quiz questions?

Canvas will automatically randomize the questions. If you wish to randomize the answers, the Shuffle Answers box must be selected from the quiz details.

Can teachers see when you download on canvas?

Although professors can view some student activity on Canvas, their control is limited. “Professors can see how many times a student has opened a specific file on the page and if they’ve downloaded it,” Guerra said.

Can you come back to a quiz on canvas?

While you can exit a Canvas quiz and come back to it later to find most of your answers still there (excluding incomplete Text Entry), you have to be aware of this feature on a timed quiz. Do not click Submit Quiz until you have completed the quiz.

Can a zoom Host hear you on mute?

The meeting host can override anyone and everyone’s microphone setting. If your mic is muted, and the host mutes everyone’s mic you get the message that your mic has been muted regardless of the fact that it was already muted. If the host mutes your mic, you cannot unmute it.

Can canvas see your screen?

In a normal assignment environment, Blackboard or Canvas cannot detect screen sharing or screenshots if a student is working on them using a normal browser. The system cannot detect what you do outside their current page. However, if proctored, Canvas can detect and prevent screen sharing or taking of screenshots.

Can teachers see your history on canvas?

Professors can see data about their students, like how much they interact with the class page, the last time individual students logged into Canvas and if they are viewing content like online readings and videos.

Can your teacher see you on zoom If your camera is off?

On Zoom, if the camera is on you should be able to see yourself just as the teacher does. No, we cannot see you if your camera is off. You will probably not get the grade for class participation if you are not on camera.

Can teachers see your phone screen?

If your school has installed or required the installation of a specific app, then your teacher might be able to view a copy of your cellphone screen and know everything you are doing on it, no matter whether you are connected to the schools WiFi or not.

Can school laptops hear you?

Each school district does have a specific policy about when they are recording in class. “They do not have the ability to turn on and record a student’s microphone and camera after school hours,” an MCPS spokesperson said about teachers and school employees.

Can teachers hear you on mute?

The teacher should not be able to hear you since you are muted and she/he cannot hear what goes around you in the background. If you are not muted, she/he can hear what you are doing. If you do not want any interference between you and the classroom setting, make sure you turn off your microphone and camera.

How do you shuffle answers on canvas quiz?

In the Details section of your quiz there’s a box to check to shuffle the answers to questions. I think its right above where you specify if the quiz has a time limit.

Is it illegal for teachers to see your screen?

If you are using a school computer or email account, school officials can monitor your activity. Any online activity using school computers, internet access, or email accounts that creates a disruptive learning environment, or violates others’ rights could result in disciplinary action.

How do people see you on Zoom?

Yes, Zoom flips your camera. Your monitor will show a mirror image of you, yet others see you normally. Zoom flips the image for you so it acts like a mirror to you, but displays you right way to everyone else so that if you hold up something with writing, every one else will see it correctly.

What can canvas see when you take a quiz?

Page view logs can be used to determine if a user accessed other Canvas content while taking a Canvas quiz. For instance, if a user opened a new browser tab or accessed Canvas via the Canvas mobile app while taking a quiz, views of Canvas content that may have occurred should be visible in the Canvas page view log.

Can teachers see breakouts?

Teachers can open and close breakout rooms and send messages to all participants, whether question stems, discussion prompts, or a time warning that they will need to rejoin the larger Zoom meeting at a specific time.

Can canvas record activity?

You can view your own interactions with a student, and view a summary of all student interactions in your site. At this time Canvas analytics do not measure activity on mobile devices, with the exception of Analytics Beta which does measure activity across devices.

Can people see me on Zoom?

If your video is on during a meeting with multiple participants, it automatically displays to all participants, including yourself. If you show yourself, you can see how you look to others. If you hide yourself, your own video display disappears from your screen, leaving more room to see other participants.