Can delphi run on windows 7?

Can delphi run on windows 7?

Yeah, D5, D6, D7 all install and work fine on all flavours of Windows 7. Just make sure that the installation is writeable for standard users.

How do I download Delphi on Windows 7?

Installing Delphi 7 on Windows 7/8/10/Server 2012

  1. Create the shortcut to Delphi32.exe.
  2. Open shortcut properties and set “run as administrator” option.
  3. Add Delphi to the of DEP (Data Execution Prevention).
  4. Check that Delphi 7 started correctly.

Can Delphi run on Windows 10?

Yes, Delphi 5 will run on Windows 10.

How do I install Delphi 5 on Windows 10?

2 Answers

  1. Log in as Administrator.
  2. Turn UAC off.
  3. Log in as Standard User.
  4. Install Delphi 5 Pro via installer.
  5. The installation hangs while trying to install the BDE.
  6. Use Task Manager to kill the install process.
  7. Delete C:\Program Files (x86)\Borland\Delphi 5\Uninst.isu.
  8. Install Delphi 5 Pro via installer.

Does anyone still use Delphi?

Delphi based applications are still widely used in financial institutes, banks & government and that’s because Delphi was one of the first to truly introduce RAD approach with Embarcadero’s IDEs.

Why is Delphi not popular?

Until recently there was no free version of Delphi (except Lazarus which is not quite Delphi). Delphi is simply the successor of Borland Pascal with better modern GUI and database access. Unfortunately, their current maintainer made some decisions (pretty bad ones in retrospect) that made it go down in popularity.

Is Delphi outdated?

Definitely not. Delphi is available from Embarcadero, and they have been supporting and updating the language as one of their main products. They have recently released a community edition, which is free. There is also a free and open source implementation of Delphi called Lazarus, which is well maintained.

What is better than Delphi?

The best alternative is Microsoft Visual Studio. It’s not free, so if you’re looking for a free alternative, you could try Lazarus or PyCharm. Other great apps like Delphi are MonoDevelop (Free, Open Source), KDevelop (Free, Open Source), SharpDevelop (Free, Open Source) and Free Pascal (Free, Open Source).

Does anybody still use Delphi?

Yes, Delphi is still in use and still being updated on a regular basis. It does not have the popularity or huge fan base it did 15 years ago but that’s largely because of poor marketing by Borland/Embarcadero and by a huge increase in popularity of Microsoft’s .

Is Delphi programming still used?

Is Delphi programming language dead? The short answer: no. Although Delphi still has an active user base, not many new Delphi programmers are popping up, which raises the question of eventual extinction.