Can GoToAssist be trusted?

Can GoToAssist be trusted?

Is GoToAssist secure? Yes, you and your clients can trust GoToAssist.

Is GoToAssist encrypted?

Encryption. GoToAssist employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) up to 1.3 where supported and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. Our multi-tiered server architecture separates presentation, application, and database server, ensuring adequate protection of all sensitive information.

Does GoToAssist work on phones?

GoToAssist Remote Support lets your agents troubleshoot mobile issues on iOS and Android devices.

How do I get rid of GoToAssist unattended access?

Click the Windows Start menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features. Right-click the GoToAssist Expert desktop application and click Uninstall.

Is GoToAssist malware?

When Remote “Helpers” Like GoToAssist Remote Support Hinder One such scam is the technical support scam. Remote support tools like GoToAssist have benevolent uses, and there is no danger in using them with legitimate tech support professionals. However, like any tool, they can be used for ill as well as good.

How much does GoToAssist cost?

GoToAssist Pricing

Name Price
GoToAssist $55/month (billed annually)
GoToAssist Concurrent $99/month(billed annually)

What is GoToAssist unattended?

Unattended Computer Access GoToAssist includes unattended remote access for up to 10,000 machines per account. So you can build a complete list of your computers for instant access and unattended remote support, even if no one’s at the keyboard.

Is GoToAssist down?

No incidents reported today.

What is the difference between remote support and unattended access?

What Does It Mean and What Are The Use Cases? Unattended remote support means that the technician can remote into the end-user device even if they aren’t there. The primary use case for an unattended solution is to provide routine maintenance and support to your client’s devices.

Who Owns GoToAssist?

LogMeIn Now Owns GoToAssist, Along with the Rest of the GoTo Family of Products.

Can GoToAssist connect to iPhone?

Absolutely. If your customers are running iOS 11 or later, you can support it. Screen-sharing capabilities let you remotely view any iOS 11+ iPhone or iPad to service users with ease.

Can GoToAssist support your mobile devices?

With the increasing number of devices your customers and employees use every day, it’s critical to be able to support them from wherever they are. See how our GoToAssist Mobile Upgrade enables quick, frictionless mobile device support in this short video. Support Apple iPhone or iPad? Absolutely.

How do I view the Monitor in the agent console?

During a Remote Control or Unattended session, click MONITOR SWITCH on the toolbar at the top of the Agent Console. From the drop-down select the monitor you want to view.

How do I view all devices in Unattended Support?

When you set up unattended support on a computer, it is automatically listed as a device in the device group that you specified during the initial setup. You can view all devices, or filter your view by device groups.