Can I change ETS ticket time?

Can I change ETS ticket time?

10.1 Reschedule or amendment of ticket must be submitted to ETS/Intercity ticket counter at least 24 hours before the departure time printed on the ticket.

Can I use Touch n Go for KTM?

Touch N Go can be used for KTM Komuter, LRT, highway tolls, parking and shopping.

How do I contact KTMB?

You are required to report the matter to the KTMB Call Center 03 22671200 (Operation time: 0700 hrs – 2200 hrs daily) or email to [email protected]

Can I buy ETS ticket online?

Yes, ETS train tickets can be purchased online via the official KTMB booking website. To purchase ETS train tickets online, select the departure date and destination, book your seat, and make payment online.

How do I change my ETS date?

You can reschedule your test registration online through your ETS account. To reschedule by phone, call Prometric ® Services at 1-443-751-4820 or 1-800-473-2255. If rescheduling by phone, be prepared to provide your appointment confirmation number and the full name you used to make the appointment.

How do I cancel my ETS ticket?

If Payment made by Credit Card / Online Banking You will need to fill in the ETS Ticket Cancellation and Refund form. Request the form from the KTMB counter. Then, you will receive an ETS ticket cancellation receipt.

Can I use MyKad for KTM?

Card holders are required to show KTM i-Card Virtual (via smartphone) together with identification card (MyKad) to Ticketing Clerk upon ticket purchase at ticketing counter. Concession rate are offered only for KTM Intercity and ETS trains. Concession rate is 40% from adult traveling fare for ETS and Intercity only.

Can I use TNG Ewallet for LRT?

At a recent press event, TNG Digital has announced that it will be conducting beta testing for users to use the Touch n Go app to pay for LRT rides. Like other QR-based e-wallet apps, users simply need to scan the QR code at the gate entrance, and another upon exit.

Can I take ETS during MCO?

KTM suspends ETS and interstate train services for the MCO period, Komuter frequency reduced. “This includes the transport of medical supplies and food, as well as for essential services staff involved in the enforcement of the MCO,” he added.

What is concession KTMB?

Concession Ticket Concession rate are offered only for KTM Intercity and ETS trains. Date of travel either one way or return is not exceed 30 days from date of purchase. Concession rate is 40% from adult traveling fare for ETS and Intercity only. Eligible for all type of coaches for ETS and Intercity.

Can we book train tickets now?

Now, you can book train tickets online from the comfort of your home. All other services such as checking the PNR status, live train status, train schedule, and train availability are easy-to-use as well. You only have to enter your IRCTC login credentials to book train tickets with ease.

How do I book Platinum ETS?

ETS Platinum Train Services

  1. Visit one of our Platinum timetables pages where you will find the seating plan at the bottom of the page >
  2. You can book your tickets online here >
  3. ETS Silver Service Trains >
  4. ETS Gold Service Trains >
  5. ETS Trains in Malaysia main page >

How to get to KTM Ipoh by train?

Travel from the KTM Ipoh Railway Station (stesen keretapi Ipoh) by train is fast, convenient and relatively cheap. Ipoh is a major railway stop on the North – South West Coast Line in Malaysia, with all ETS Trains stopping here.

Where is the railway station in Ipoh Malaysia?

Ipoh Railway Station. (Malay: Stesen Keretapi Ipoh) Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab. 30000 Ipoh, Perak. Malaysia. Phone: (+605) 254 0481. Website:

What are the Ipoh High-speed electric train services?

These Ipoh high-speed Electric Train Services (ETS) travel throughout the day to and from Kuala Lumpur’s KL Sentral Station, Seremban and Gemas to the south and from Ipoh to Butterworth Penang and Padang Besar Railway Station on the Malaysia / Thailand border to the north.

How to get from Ipoh to Singapore by train?

1) Firstly, take an ETS Train from Ipoh to Gemas or from Ipoh to Tampin. 2) Then you can connect to a Shuttle Train from either Tampin or Gemas to JB Sentral Railway Station in Johor Bahru. The trains from Ipoh to Singapore, now all terminate at JB Sentral Railway Station in Johor Bahru.