Can I Trust 1800 contacts?

Can I Trust 1800 contacts?

1-800 Contacts is an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have an A+ rating from the BBB based on their commitment to customer service. There are about 30 customer complaints on the BBB site, all of which 1-800 Contacts has responded to.

Does 1-800 contacts have free shipping?

If an order qualifies, 1-800 Contacts automatically gives customers the best discount possible. And that includes free shipping! All orders ship for free AND fast! Returns are also free and easy.

Does 1800 contacts have Black Friday deals?

Does 1800 Contacts offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Yes, 1800 Contacts offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Does 1800 contacts have to verify prescription?

Yes. We require a valid prescription for every order. If you don’t have a copy of your prescription, you can still order contact lenses from us. We are required by law to verify your prescription with your doctor.

Is it cheaper to get contacts at Costco?

“One way that Costco’s a game-changer is if you wear contact lenses,” Clark says, pointing out that Costco has some of the lowest prices across the board. In addition to filling prescriptions for most trusted brands at some of the best prices, Costco often offers deals and rebates.

How do I get contacts with an expired prescription?

You can’t legally order contacts with an expired prescription either. Contact lenses are classified as medical devices in the U.S., so your prescription needs to be current to have it filled. These guidelines apply to both physical locations and online retailers.

Is OD left or right eye?

O.D.- This is oculus dexter, meaning right eye. O.S.- This is oculus sinister, meaning left eye. O.U.- This is oculus uterque, meaning both eyes. Along the top, you might see different verbiage that generally has to do with measurements related to different aspects of your vision.

How much are contacts from 1800Contacts?

Who’s cheapest? 1-800 Contacts, or

Item 1-800
Johnson & Johnson 1 Day-Acuvue Moist 90-day $65.00 $59.99
Biofinity 6-pack $37.99 $49.99
Air Optix Aqua 6-pack $35.99 $54.99
Dailies AquaComfort Plus 90-pack $47.99 $51.99

How long do 1800 contacts rebates take?

6-8 weeks
Your rebate should arrive within 6-8 weeks.

Does 1 800 contacts do a 20% off coupon?

New Customers get 20% off their first order from 1 800 Contacts. Save on every online order through 1-800-Contacts. Find The Latest 1 800 Contacts Coupon & 1 800 Contact Promo Code Here! Save on all brands of contacts from Acuvue to Biofinity when you shop at 1 800 Contacts. Looking for the best Black Friday sales, coupons, and deals?

What are the perks of 1-800 Contacts?

This is one of the biggest perks 1-800 Contacts has to offer. No 1-800 Contacts coupon needed. Just select the pair you need and save on shipping automatically – it couldn’t get much better than that. If you use a different brand of contacts for each eye, 1-800 Contacts has got you covered. Now, you don’t have to order more than you need to.

Is there a 1-800 Contacts student discount?

Yes, there is a 1-800 CONTACTS student discount. To help students on a budget save money, the store offers 10% off of purchases from the site. All you need to do is sign up for UNiDAYS to start getting your special student pricing. Is there a 1-800 CONTACTS newsletter coupon I can use?

Does 1-800 Contacts have a military discount?

To thank active duty and retired members of the armed forces, there is the 1-800 CONTACTS military discount. Military members with an ID can use this coupon to get 10% off of their next order of contact lenses from the site. Does 1-800 CONTACTS offer cashback?