Can you clean a gun with Ballistol?

Can you clean a gun with Ballistol?

Due to its alkaline character, Ballistol is ideal for cleaning and maintaining black powder firearms. The residues from black powder in chambers and bores are acidic. Ballistol neutralizes and dissolves them.

What gun lube does Hickok45 use?

I’ve been using Ballistol for a couple years now. Have to give credit to Hickok45 for recommending this product in his youtube videos. I’ve been very happy with it for my pistols, using Ballistol exclusively since the first time I used it.

Is Ballistol a good CLP?

The Ballistol is a superior product. It is non-toxic and does a better job of preventing corrosion. It is also a superior bore cleaner and when mixed 50/50 with water it can be used to clean residue from corrosive ammo and black powder firearms.

Should I clean new Glock?

Your GLOCK pistol should be cleaned and lubricated: When it’s brand new, before it’s fired for the first time. After each time it’s fired.

Does Ballistol prevent rust?

Rust prevention, yes, Ballistol performs well but thick heavy grease will perform better.

Can you use WD40 on guns?

Since WD-40 is primarily a solvent it seems to make sense that it would be ideal for cleaning guns. However, cleaning your guns with WD40 is NOT advisable. Using an aerosol solvent simply “shoots” all the gunk into tiny crevices in your firearm, making them even harder to clean and can lead to “gumming” up.

Will Ballistol remove rust?

When it comes to fighting corrosion, you can count on Ballistol. From cleaning chrome to removing rust, Ballistol goes the extra mile in cleaning and protecting the metal items you depend on.

What is the best gun lubricant?

The Best Gun Oil for Your Firearms

  1. Lucas Oil Hunting Gun Oil – Editor’s Pick. SALE.
  2. Hoppe’s #9 Lubricating Oil – Classic Pick. SALE.
  3. Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner Aerosol Spray with DynaGlide Plus – All-In-One Pick. SALE.
  4. Ballistol Multi-Purpose – Double Duty Pick. SALE.
  5. Real Avid Gun-Max Gun Oil – Trendy Pick. SALE.

Is CLP and Ballistol the same thing?

Ballistol – The Original CLP – Cleans, Lubricates, Preserves. The Original CLP – Cleans, Lubricates, Preserves. Cleans and Protects Metal, Rubber, and Leather.

What does Glock recommend for cleaning?

We recommend using Hoppe’s gun cleaning products, which are the best in the industry. You can find everything you need, including the pistol rod, cleaning brush, gun cleaner, lubricating oil, and patches.

Is Ballistol good for long term gun storage?

Several rifles and shotguns were treated with Ballistol, wrapped in wax-impregnated paper, and stored in a trunk. After 25 years, the trunk was opened and the firearms inspected. If something needs long-term preservation, Ballistol is the right choice for the job.