Can you make a TTR 125 taller?

Can you make a TTR 125 taller?

Yamaha’s stock TTR 125LV and 125L dirt bikes are preset at 30.5 inches high at the seat, providing approximately 10.4 inches of ground clearance. You make the bike taller and increase ground clearance by adjusting the front fork extension and the swing arm position at the rear suspension.

What is the top speed of a TTR 125?

The TTR 125 has quite a low top speed of 45 to 55 mph, because nobody cares for top speed on a tiny cross bike. You could change the top speed by changing the transmission ratio of the chain drive, so you either use a toothed wheel with one or more teeth more, or you choose a smaller toothed wheel at the rear wheel.

What does TTR mean Yamaha?

Posted January 2, 2008. Total Trail Rookie.

Can you lower a TTR 125?

You can cut the seat down, but 2″ is going to be a lot of foam, so it’ll have a harsh ride when he is sitting on the seat. But it’s worth a shot, make the seat narrower while you’re at it, this makes it feel less tall.

Can you put bigger wheels on TTR 125?

You can’t just change wheels from the small to the big version.

How can I make my dirt bike taller?

Can You Raise The Seat Height On A Dirt Bike? Installing a taller seat or seat foam is an easy and very effective way to raise the seat and overall height of your bike. Your legs will thank you in the long run because they are less cramped.

How can I make my Yamaha TTR125 faster?

Last, but not least, is the full list of modifications you can do to your Yamaha TTR125.

  1. Fork spring/valving upgrade.
  2. Shock/spring upgrade.
  3. Frame cradle.
  4. Jetting.
  5. Air box lid.
  6. Air box holes.
  7. Carb swap.
  8. Exhaust upgrade.

Can you make a TTR 125 street legal?

Yes, You Can Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in California.

What age is a Yamaha TTR50 for?

It’s one of Yamaha’ s stable of great mini dirt bikes. TTR50 is perfect for kids ages 4 to 7. It first came out in 2006 to help young PW50 riders adjust better to the PW80.

What’s the difference between TTR and YZ?

What’s the difference between a TTR and a YZ? They’re both 125cc dirt bikes, but the TTR 125 is an air-cooled 4 stroke trail bike, and the YZ 125 is a liquid cooled 2 stroke motocross bike. They’re completely different types of bikes designed for different riding.

How can I make my TTR 125 faster?

What does the L stand for in ttr125l?

The TTR125 stayed basically the same from 2000-2007. The biggest differences in those listings are the electric start, wheel size and adjustable shock model. 125 = Small wheel and kickstart. 125E = Small wheel and electric start. 125L = Large wheel and kickstart.

How do I replace the shock on my TTR 125le?

The 125LE shock has a remote reservoir and is adjustable. You can rebuild it or send it to a professional to get it re-valved for your weight and riding style. The last option that’s easy to do (there’s other shock swaps but they involve frame modifications) is to just buy a works shock for your TTR125.

What carburetor do I need for a TTR 125?

The Mikuni VM24 is a great addition to your stock or lightly modded TTR125 (exhaust/intake mods). However, if you have a big bore kit and invested into making a truly powerful TTR 125, you’ll want a bigger carburetor to give the engine the extra air that it needs.

Can I modify my Yamaha TTR125?

Last, but not least, is the full list of modifications you can do to your Yamaha TTR125. Setting up your TTR125 for your weight is important, but it won’t do you much good if you have poor riding technique.

What are the features of the tt-r125le?

The TT-R125LE features push-button electric start, 19-inch and 16-inch wheels for great handling, an aluminum swingarm, adjustable suspension calibrated for aggressive and/or bigger riders and 220mm front disc brake.