Can you mine Oregon sunstone?

Can you mine Oregon sunstone?

Spectrum Sunstone Mine, located near Plush, OR, in Lake County Oregon, is an Oregon sunstone mine open to the public for mining Oregon Sunstone. Visit Spectrum Mine and dig for Oregon sunstone gems from a designated pile of fresh unprocessed ore for free all day and keep what you find (mine personnel must be present).

Where can I dig a sunstone in Oregon?

The Oregon Sunstone Public Collection Area allows visitors to enjoy collecting these rare and beautiful gems in their natural setting. Located in the remote Rabbit Basin, the Oregon Sunstone Public Collection Area is in the high desert habitat of sagebrush and open spaces of south-central Oregon.

Are Oregon sunstones worth money?

Pale yellow to colorless, non-phenomenal Oregon sunstones, whether native-cut or calibrated stones, may go for a few dollars per carat to $20 per carat for a custom cut. Pinks and tans, with and without a schiller effect, commonly range up to $50 per carat, depending on the effect.

Where can I dig for gems in Oregon?

These semiprecious gemstones can be collected at many sites along the Oregon coast, including Agate Beach at Newport, in some of the streams draining the Western Cascade, near the town of Antelope and around Prineville in central Oregon, near Hart Mountain and Lakeview in south-central Oregon, and at Succor Creek in …

Where do they mine sunstone?

South Central and Southeastern Oregon are the only areas in the world where the gem-graded sunstones with copper inclusions are found. There are three sunstone productive deposits in Oregon: one in Lake County and two in Harney County. Most locations are within the private mining claims.

Is sunstone a quartz?

SunStone is a combination of durable quartz aggregate and enhanced Portland cement, accented with colored quartz aggregate.

How do you pick a sunstone?

The value of gem-quality sunstone is determined by its color, transparency, and the quality of aventurescence. Colorless and yellow stones are usually the least expensive, and values increase through pink, orange, and red. Bright red stones, green stones, and nice bicolor stones have the highest values.

Why is sunstone so expensive?

Oregon sunstone can sell for much higher prices because it’s available in transparent qualities. A transparent orange sunstone sells for a lot more than one that is translucent. Stones that weigh one carat or more cost considerably more than small melee.

How can you tell if a sunstone is real?

Is it illegal to take rocks from a river in Oregon?

Oregon State Parks allow rockhounding of small amounts of rocks, minerals, and fossils for personal collection. However, digging or otherwise disrupting park property is strictly prohibited. Larger collecting might be allowed upon approval of the park manager at some State Park locations.

Where do you find opals in Oregon?

Where to Find Opals in Oregon?

  • Baker County. Conner Creek Mining District “Baker Co.”
  • Clackamas County. Clackamas River localities “Clackamas Co.”
  • Columbia County. Neer Road, Goble “Columbia Co.”
  • Crook County.
  • Deschutes County.
  • Harney County.
  • Hood River County.
  • Jackson County.

Where to find Oregon Sunstones?

Double Eagle Mine. “Double Eagle Mining is a mining company of the worlds rarest known gemstone,Oregon Copper Bearing Sunstone.”

  • Spectrum Sunstone Mine – High Desert Gems and Minerals. The spectrum Sunstone Mine,located in the same area near Plush,OR,is one of the states most renown digging
  • Dust Devil Mining Company.
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