Can you pay EastLink toll by card?

Can you pay EastLink toll by card?

How do I pay? The following toll plazas also accept card payment by Visa Debit or Mastercard only – M1, M3, M4, N25, M7/8, Dublin Tunnel and the M6. Please note, toll plazas which do not accept card payment are the M8, Limerick Tunnel and the East Link Bridge.

How do I pay Dublin EastLink toll?

M50 toll payment Payment options include: Online at Calling 0818 50 10 50 / +353 1 461 0122 to pay by credit card. Paying in Payzone branded outlets nationwide.

How much is EastLink toll bridge?

The current tolls being applied at East Link Toll Bridge are as follows:

Type of Vehicle Toll
Motorcycles (exceeding 50cc) Free
Private Motor Cars €1.90
Buses or Coaches €2.90
Commercial Vehicles with an unladen weight not exceeding 2 tonnes €2.90

Where can you pay EastLink?

We recommend that EastLink payments should be made online at the EastLink website….Cash payments are accepted at the EastLink customer centre in Ringwood:

  • EastLink customer centre, 2 Hillcrest Avenue, Ringwood.
  • Opening hours are 9:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday.
  • Closed on public holidays.

Can you pay tolls with card UK?

What are the toll payment options? In busy places, tolls can be paid by credit card or fuel card, on smaller bridges only coins are accepted. There are no toll gates in places with Free Flow toll system and tolls must be paid additionally.

Is CityLink and EastLink the same thing?

CityLink, which links Melbourne’s CBD, port and airport, and. EastLink, linking Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs and Mornington Peninsula.

How do I pay my eToll bill online?

View and pay E-toll VPC account Click on “e-toll”; Click on “Manage my VPC Account” (top right corner); Create a username and password by providing the required information; Once you have entered the VPC homepage, click the “Pay Account” button; and.

How do I pay a toll charge?

You can:

  1. pay with cash at your nearest Payzone store.
  2. set up an account by post.
  3. pay in advance or top-up your account by post.
  4. pay or set up an account by phone.

How do you pay tolls in Ireland?

How to pay a toll charge. Generally, toll charges are paid at the barrier to the toll road. You can either pay in cash, or by using an eToll tag. For the M50, if you do not have an account you must pay online, by phoning Locall 0818 50 10 50 or through Payzone outlets.

What is my EastLink account number?

Where can I find my account number? Your 16-digit account number is located on the top right section of your statement. If you do not have a statement, please contact us, and we would be happy to provide you with your account number.

How do I pay UK tolls?

How much does it cost to open an Eastlink toll account?

Only EastLink’s toll accounts have ZERO surcharges for VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. EastLink’s pre-paid non-tag account can be opened with a single opening payment of $55. The opening payment is credited to your account as a pre-paid Account Balance.

How does GST work on Eastlink tolls?

A single trip on EastLink may pass through several toll sections. EastLink’s tolling system adds up the GST-exclusive toll for each section of EastLink, and then applies GST to the total.

What happens if I don’t have an unused EastLink trip pass?

The licence plate details are used to see if an unused EastLink trip pass is available for your vehicle If an EastLink trip pass is not available, then an EastLink toll invoice is sent by email, SMS or post to the registered owner of the vehicle To pay EastLink tolls, you will need:

What should I do if my EastLink account balance is low?

In this situation, we recommend you buy an EastLink trip pass for each trip on EastLink until your account is reactivated. You should reactivate your account as soon as possible, by making a payment to the account that is sufficient to rectify the account balance.