Can you put equipment on a creature with shroud?

Can you put equipment on a creature with shroud?

You can’t play the Equip ability targeting a creature with Shroud. It’s possible for the Equipment to become attached to such a creature, and if that happens it will stay attached. But in general, no, you can’t equip it.

Does shroud affect equipment?

The equip ability only targets the creature you want to attach the Equipment to, it doesn’t target the creature already equipped. Otherwise, the presence of the shroud on the creature doesn’t affect Equipment already attached to that creature.

Does Whispersilk Cloak remove other equipment?

Awesome banner by Zaph and avatar by SpiderBoy4 both from HighLight Studios!! whispersilk cloak and veil of secrecy grant shroud to the creature. shroud does not alter equipment or auras.

Does shroud remove equipment?

‘Shroud’ only prevents spells from targeting a permanent. It does not grant protection, it does not remove or unattach auras or equipment.

Is shroud a Hexproof?

Shroud is evergreen while Hexproof is a static ability. With Shroud ability, a player cannot be the target of a spell. Hexproof means the creature cannot be a target of abilities under the control of your opponent. Hexproof is better than Shroud as you can penalize your opponent, but you cannot do so with Shroud.

Can I target my own creature with shroud?

As we learned previously, a creature with hexproof cannot be the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls. A creature with shroud cannot be the target of any spell or ability — including yours!

Can I target my own creatures with shroud?

Can you target Whispersilk Cloak?

Since Sudden Spoiling is cast after equipping Whispersilk Cloak, it has a later timestamp and it ‘wins’; the creature doesn’t have shroud. Therefore, it’s a valid target for Condemn.

Does Whispersilk Cloak remove enchantments?

No, shroud won’t removes auras. Also, you opponent couldn’t equip a creature with Whispersilk Cloak that you control as equip on let’s you activate the ability on a creature they control.

Does protection make equipment fall off?

Giving a creature protection from artifacts will cause any equipment attached to it to fall off. So with Tel-Jilad Defiance, be careful with your own equipment, but remember you can use it AGAINST your opponents equipped creatures as well!

What is the difference between Hexproof and shroud?

Can you block a creature with shroud?

Shroud prevents spells and abilities from targetting a permanent and doesn’t effect attacking or blocking. OK.