Can you sell cards made with Stampin Up products?

Can you sell cards made with Stampin Up products?

However, you may only sell 150 total individual items per calendar year of printed projects that were digitally created containing Stampin’ Up! images unless other permission has been requested and granted. Calendars, cards, photo books, or other digitally created projects apply to this limit.

Is American crafts vinyl permanent or removable?

12 X 12 – PERMANENT VINYL ADHEISIVE – 40 SHEETS – American Crafts.

What is Stampin Angel policy?

Stampin’ Up! welcomes artists who would like to use our copyrighted images in their own handmade craftwork and other projects that they produce to sell. Therefore, we give permission in the form of a limited license to use any Stampin’ Up!

Are ink stamps copyrighted?

The reason most stamps are not protected is that they consist of: (1) imagery published before 1923, (2) simple shapes or “generic” imagery, or (3) short phrases or single words.

Is Cricut holographic vinyl permanent or removable?

The Holographic Vinyl kept popping up on the StandardGrip Mat. Considering the thickness of the Holographic Vinyl, I will use the StrongGrip Mat with it forward. #3 It is adhesive yet removable. This makes it perfect for things like electronics!

Is adhesive vinyl permanent?

There are two types of Adhesive Vinyl and you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right kind for your project. Most adhesive vinyls are classified as permanent or removable. Quick Tip: Adhesive Vinyl is often referred to as 651 vinyl.

What is an angel policy for rubber stamps?

Most rubber stamping companies have an Angel Policy. This is a form of Limited License and states how a rubber stamped image may be used, for instance, whether it can be used to create products for sale. Quantity Limits: You may not use any one stamp in more than 50 for-sale pieces of craftwork in any calendar year.

Can I sell a judikins or Carman’s veranda stamp?

Angel Policy: Yes for Judikins and Carman’s Veranda (Paula Best & Co are not an Angel company and products made with these stamps cannot be sold Special Requirements: Copyright information must be given, a stamp is sold for this purpose–see website

Does stamping on paper violate the Angel policy?

But if you stamp the item and then make copies of it on a printer, then that might violate the angel policy. If you have any questions about the angel policy, it is always best to contact the company. Most have contact information on or near their angel page. All the information given may be changed at any time by the company listed.

Can I use stampendous images for personal stamping?

Yes, all Stampendous, Dreamweaver Stencils, and licensed images may be used for your personal stamping. What about image swaps, are they ok? It depends.