Can you shorten a necklace chain?

Can you shorten a necklace chain?

The Chain Shortening Process To shorten an item, the jeweler simply measures how many inches need to be removed from one area of the item. Next, they take out that portion and then reattach the clasp end to the rest of the necklace or bracelet that’s been shortened.

How much is it to shorten a chain?

To shorten a regular chain, the service is around $30-35. For thick chains in Cuban, curb, or Figaro style, the jeweler has to spend more time and labor to remove the links, so expect a corresponding increase of $20 or more in price.

Can you make a Cuban chain shorter?

Can you shorten a cuban link chain – something. Q: Do you accept OEM service? A: YES. We can make customized designed products according to the drawing or samples of both gemstone and jewelry.

What is a necklace converter?

Necklace Converters. Item PS145R. Our Necklace Converter allows you to vary the shape and size of necklaces, turn them into bracelets, and even convert them into an eyeglass lanyard!

How do you make a string shorter?

Make a loop at the end of the string After cutting the string at the proper length, take the end of the string and tie a knot at the very end, then fold the string over and tie a loop, about the same size as the original loop (about 2cm in diameter).

How to shorten a necklace chain yourself?

Men with smaller neck sizes may choose an 18-inch (45 cm) chain.

  • The most common length for the average man is 20 inches (50 cm),which comes down to the collarbone.
  • Choose a 22-inch (55-cm) chain if you want something that lands just below the collarbone.
  • How to shorten necklace?

    Turn the set screw on the bolt cutters to adjust the width of the blades to accommodate the size of the chain links.…

  • Center the chain link between the blades.
  • Grip one handle of the bolt cutter in each hand.
  • Push both handles down at the same time to cut the link.
  • How to use a necklace shortener?

    Open the listing page.

  • Choose the options you’d like for the order. This will differ depending on what options are available for the item.
  • Under “Add your personalization,” the text box will tell you what the seller needs to know. Fill out the requested information.
  • Click “Buy it now” or “Add to cart” and proceed to checkout.