Can you smoke in the House of Blues Anaheim?

Can you smoke in the House of Blues Anaheim?

Smoking is NOT permitted inside the building. Camera Policy: Personal cameras are allowed in the venue.

What floor is House of Blues Anaheim?

Conveniently located near the Anaheim Convention Center and Disneyland Resort, House of Blues Anaheim can be found on the upper level of Anaheim Gardenwalk at the North end closest to Disney Way. To park nearest our entrance, park on Level 4 of the parking structure.

Are there seats at House of Blues Chicago?

House of Blues Chicago is a standing room only venue, all tickets are General Admission unless otherwise stated. Please contact the House of Blues Box Office 312.923. 2000 to inquire about Dinner Package Seating and/or Disability Seating.

Does Dan Aykroyd still own House of Blues?

The chain has been a division of Live Nation Entertainment since July 2006, and there are 11 locations throughout the United States as of July 2020….House of Blues.

Type Subsidiary
Founders Isaac Tigrett Dan Aykroyd
Headquarters Los Angeles, California , U.S.
Number of locations 11
Parent Live Nation Entertainment

Can you have pepper spray at a concert?

6. Sharp wit is not included. No sharp or dangerous items (weapons, knives, spiked items, chains, fireworks, pepper spray, mace, etc).

What time do doors open at House of Blues Anaheim?

Doors open at 7pm.


20,000 square ft
SOMA San Diego is located at 3350 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, California. With over 20,000 square ft of floor space for up to 2,300 people, two raised VIP viewing areas and the back of the room has been raised for excellent viewing, all created for your enjoyment.

How many does the House of Blues Chicago seat?

Located 5.1 miles from McCormick Place, House of Blues Chicago accommodates 25 to 1,800 guests.

Is Peter Aykroyd still alive?

November 6, 2021Peter Aykroyd / Date of death

Who is Dan Aykroyd’s wife?

Donna DixonDan Aykroyd / Wife (m. 1983)