Can you still get Radio Caroline?

Can you still get Radio Caroline?

Radio Caroline was founded in 1964 and broadcast from ships until 1991, when the Ross Revenge was shipwrecked off the Kent coast. The station continued to exist, and is currently an internet and digital service.

Where is Radio Caroline ship now?

The other Radio Caroline pirate ship (the Ross Revenge) is still alive and well today. It’s spent most of its time hidden on the backwaters of Kent and Essex or hosted on the Tilbury Docks.

How do I listen to Radio Caroline?

You can listen to live online radio from Radio Caroline for free. Apps: we may also list official apps to help you tune in on Radio Caroline’s page.

Is Caroline still broadcasting?

The orginal pirate radio station, Radio Caroline is still broadcasting today, 24/7, on 648AM (East and South East of England), DAB, on mobiles and around the world online at Most programming from land-based studios and one weekend a month Radio Caroline North broadcasts live from the studios on …

Is Radio Caroline on Internet radio?

The Radio Caroline name was used to broadcast from international waters, using five different ships with three different owners, from 1964 to 1990, and via satellite from 1998 to 2013. Since August 2000, Radio Caroline has also broadcast 24 hours a day via the internet and by the occasional restricted service licence.

Does Luxembourg radio exist?

RADIO LUXEMBOURG, which introduced millions of Britons to pop music, will cease broadcasting in English at the end of the year after more than half a century. When it was founded before the war, the station was intended not as a pop music station but as a rival to all the BBC services.

Who owns the Ross Revenge?

Radio Caroline
Facts & Figures

Previous Owner (3) Isbjörninn – 1960-1963 – [Registration RE1]
Current Occupant Radio Caroline – Since 1981
Classification Originally built as a side trawler now classified as a Hulk
Location River Blackwater, Essex, UK

Can you get Radio Caroline on FM?

Caroline Community Radio is an Ofcom licensed radio station and provides a 24 hour daily radio service for the towns and villages within the Maldon District on the Essex coast on 94.7 FM. Our programmes are also available online, on smart speaker and various apps, around the world.

What DAB frequency is Radio Caroline?

648 AM
Radio Caroline – 648 AM – DAB – | Facebook.

Is Atlantic 252 still going?

From 2004, the frequency was used by RTÉ to provide a version of RTÉ Radio 1 to the expatriate community in Britain from the Clarkstown radio transmitter. Since 2014 there have been several announcements of the impending closure of this transmitter but as of 2019 it remains on air albeit on significantly reduced power.

Why did Radio Luxembourg stop?

1940–1945. On 21 September 1939, the Luxembourg government closed the radio station to protect the neutrality of the country during World War II.

Where is Ross revenge now?

The MV Ross Revenge is currently moored on the River Blackwater near Bradwell, Essex. Ross Revenge was built in Bremerhaven in 1960 and named Freyr.