Can you take paua from Kaikoura?

Can you take paua from Kaikoura?

Daily limit: 5 blackfoot pāua only. Minimum length: 125mm. Maximum accumulation limit: when gathering over 2 or more days, the maximum amount of pāua you can possess is 2 daily limits, including at home. No taking of yellowfoot pāua.

Can you dive in Kaikoura?

Kaikoura might be famous for its whales and dolphins, but there’s so much more to the marine environment here. The smaller creatures and natural wonders of the Kaikoura coastline can provide as much fascination and memorable experiences as seeing whales and dolphins.

Where is Kina in Kaikoura?

Kina New Zealand, Kaikoura

  • 80 A BEACH ROAD.
  • 7300 Kaikoura.
  • Canterbury.

Can you get kina in Kaikōura?

Update – 19 November 2021 The minister has also decided to reopen the Kaikōura kina fishery from 1 December 2021.

Can you eat yellow foot paua?

Yellow-foot paua, QUEEN PAUA, (HALIOTIS AUSTRALIAS) This paua is fished recreationally, and although quota is allocated for the species, it is not commercially harvested extensively.

Where can I dive in Kaikōura?

Dive Kaikoura

  • 13, Yarmouth street, Kaikoura, New Zealand 7300. Get Directions.
  • Rating · 4.5.
  • Kaikoura’s ONLY Dive Shop. 5 Star PADI Dive Centre in Kaikoura, New Zealand. ‘Discover our Wild Wonders’
  • Price Range · $$$ Scuba Diving Center. · Scuba Instructor.

Can you take crayfish from Kaikōura?

Telson clipping is a way of marking spiny rock lobster to make it clear that they have been recreationally caught. A person must not possess any spiny rock lobster taken from within the Kaikōura Marine Area if it has not had one-third of the telson cut off.

Can you scuba dive for paua?

Paua can only be taken while freediving, absolutely no scuba is allowed. Black-foot legal size is 125mm and the daily limit is 10 per diver. When harvesting paua, use paua-friendly tools that have no sharp edges. There are a number of tools available that minimise the damage to the paua when removing them.

How do you get paua off rocks?

Paua are easy to collect as they don’t move very fast and if you are quick you can twist them off by hand before they suck down onto the rock. If they do suck down however, you will need to lever them off with something. A screwdiver or flat-tipped knife work best.

Where can I find paua in New Zealand?

Where are they found? Päua are found around the coast of New Zealand, in shallow water clinging to rocks. They are much more abundant, and grow larger, in the colder waters around Stewart Island and Southland.

Can you tank dive for paua?

Paua can only be taken while freediving, absolutely no scuba is allowed.

When will the Kaikōura pāua fishery reopen?

The Kaikōura pāua fishery, between Marfells Beach/Cape Campbell and the Conway River will reopen for 3 months from 1 December 2021 to 28 February 2022. New rules for recreational pāua fishing in the area are:

What are the fishing rules in the Kaikōura area?

Recreational fishing rules for the Kaikōura area, including closed areas, special restrictions, and other important notices. This area is within the South-East fishing area but has different rules. It covers the waters from Clarence Point to the mouth of the Conway River, out to a distance of 12 nautical miles. special restrictions.

Can I go fishing around Kaikōura and Cape Campbell?

Due to the November 2016 earthquake, fishing is restricted around Kaikōura and Cape Campbell. never remove or shuck pāua from its shell until you’re above the high-water mark. You can use our pāua knife to remove pāua without damaging them, and to check they are the right size. You can request a pāua knife from your local fisheries office.

Why is it important to measure the pāua when snorkeling?

Tokanui: When snorkeling it’s a good idea to check the size of the pāua on the spot so it has a better chance of survival if it is below the minimum size. [The diver measures a pāua on a rock underwater.]