Can you use a focal reducer on a Newtonian?

Can you use a focal reducer on a Newtonian?

The Mallin Cam MFR-3 Focal Reducer is designed for DOB or Newtonian type telescopes, and provides a reduction factor of 0.64x. The MallinCam MFR-3 is designed for all Newtonian type telescope ranging from 4″ to 32″ aperture. It can be combined with optional spacer (s) to achieve greater focal reduction.

Do I need a focal reducer for my telescope?

Focal reducers shorten the focal length and speed up the focal ratio of a telescope. Reducers are similar to barlows, only their magnification factor is less than 1x. Focal reducers are great for astrophotography and visual use.

How do you reduce the focal length of a telescope?

A focal reducer works using a positive lens, which shortens the focal length by causing the incoming beam of light to converge more quickly. The shorter the focal length, the greater the focal reducer’s reduction factor when placed into a telescope’s optical path.

Is a focal reducer worth it?

Yes, focal reducers are worth it. The f/6.3 is $120 and the f/3.3 is $150, for the Meade ones. I have an f/3.3, but it is ONLY for CCD use… i rather discovered that fact the hard way. However, it has been invaluable for imaging; at f/10 I would not have attained the required wide field.

What is a Coma Corrector?

A coma corrector corrects the coma (fan shaped star images) produced by a parabolodial mirror. It is good for both visual and imaging. Parabolic mirror found in Newtonian telescopes.

Can you use a Barlow with a focal reducer?

Yes, the Barlow narrows the FOV. Yes, magnification (usually referred to as focal length) and FOV go together.

Does a focal reducer reduce magnification?

A focal reducer does just the opposite of a Barlow lens or focal extender. A wider field of view and a lower magnification is also useful, with some focal reducers and with some eyepieces, for visual observers with telescopes with long focal ratios.

What can I see with a 700mm focal length telescope?

With a 70mm telescope, you will easily be able to see every planet in the Solar System. You will also be able to take a great look at the Moon and clearly distinguish most of its recognizable features and craters. Mars will look great.

How do you find the focal length of a reducer?

If you have a 0.71x focal length reducer, you simply multiply the focal length of the lens by 0.71. E.g. 50 mm lens on 0.71x reducer = 35.5 mm lens. The “crop factor” doesn’t affect the focal length. Also, the focal length is not the physical distance from the front of the lens to the sensor.

What is coma Free telescope?

“ACF” stands for “Advanced Coma-Free.” Coma is an opti- cal defect that distorts off-axis images (those far from the field of view’s center). Meade’s design of this telescope emulates the optical perfor- mance of a Ritchey-Chrétien design (which also eliminates coma), but at a fraction of the cost.

Do you need a coma corrector?

If you personally find the edges of your field objectionable and the cost of a coma corrector seems reasonable, go for it, otherwise, if you’re fine with what you see, then don’t.

Can you use a Barlow lens with a camera?

The easiest way to attach just about any barlow to a camera is to put the barlow in a 1.25″ (or 2″) eyepiece holder (or your 1.25″ visual back) just as you would for visual use and then use a 1.25″ (or 2″) eyepiece to T-thread adapter to connect between the output side of the barlow (that 1.25″ or 2″ female eyepiece …

Will a focal reducer let you see more?

focal length of the scope and the field stop in the eyepiece. thus the focal reducer will not let you see more. Apparent FOV is a different story. If vignetting does not occur and the secondary is large enough, then a 0.5 focal reducer will double the field of view.

How good is a 2 inch focal reducer for a newt?

Most newts are designed to have about 70% illumination at the edge of a 2″ eyepiece, with the focal reducer that same illumination will be halfway to the fieldstop. It will get very faint past that pretty quickly (the light dropoff is sort of a bell-curve shape, so you will be hitting the steep part of the curve with the focal reducer….).

What is the effect of a focal reducer on coma?

Coma will be unchanged – the focal reducer doesn’t add coma, it’s a property of the primary mirror, which will still be f5. On the other hand, you will be looking at a field of view that is twice as wide so the coma will be increased from that point of view.

Will Asa reducer work on a 20mm field?

the ASA reducer should work. It will illuminate a 20mm field. A canon SLR has a 20mm length on one side. So it should flatten axross 20mm, but vignetting may be present. You need a scope of good optical quality, and make sure you have plenty of back focus. corrector is around 600 euros and offers 0. 73x reduction.