Can you use a zipper foot for regular sewing?

Can you use a zipper foot for regular sewing?

Set your machine for a regular straight stitch sewing. Attach the zipper foot to the machine on the left side of the foot. Follow your sewing machine manual for your recommended Zipper Foot settings. Depending on the model, you may need to move the needle position so that the needle sews on the left side of the foot.

How does a concealed zipper foot work?

All the stitches are hidden away, so the pressures off for perfect lines of stitching and when you combine the foot with the invisible zip then really all the work has been done for you. From the bottom there are two grooves which you will feed the zipper teeth through to line up the stitching perfectly.

How to insert a zipper using the zipper foot?


  • Reverse Pattern Foot#1/1C/1D
  • Zipper Foot#4/4D
  • Invisible-Zipper Foot#35
  • Standard zipper (desired length)
  • Decorative zipper (desired length)
  • Invisible zipper (desired length)
  • Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape
  • Pins
  • Chalk/fabric marking pen
  • How to raise and lower the presser foot?

    – Locate your presser foot tension regulator – If your regulator is a dial, spin it towards the plus sign to tighten the pressure. – If you have a pin, pressing down the pin will make it pop up and will create a light pressure, needed for heavy fabric. – In case you have a knob, it usually comes with an indicator next to it.

    Can I sew without a presser foot?

    You can sew without a presser foot. The function of the presser foot is to assist feeding fabric at a steady rate. A sewing machine will still work without a pressure foot but it becomes your responsibility to feed the fabric through the machine.

    What does the presser foot do on a sewing machine?

    Basic Standard Presser Foot/Zigzag Foot. This is the basic presser foot that every sewing machine comes with.

  • Binder Foot.
  • Blind Hem Foot.
  • Button Foot.
  • Buttonhole Foot.
  • Cording Foot/Piping Foot.
  • Darning Foot.
  • Embroidery Foot.
  • Gathering Foot.
  • Non-Stick Foot.