Can you use Wave spa in winter?

Can you use Wave spa in winter?

Yes! As Wave inflatable hot tubs are portable, you can definitely use your spa all year round. Our soft hot tubs can sit comfortably outdoors in most weather conditions.

Can you use a hot tub all year round?

Soaking in hot water can also help boost your immune system and help you with cold related aches and pains during those long winter months. Our hot tubs are designed to work year-round, even in cold temperatures. Spring and Fall are the best times to enjoy your hot tub.

How do I get my master spa out of economy mode?

Press the “Cool” button to cycle through the Master Spa’s three cycles, Standard, Economy and Sleep. The “Cool” button can be found to the immediate right of the “Program/Mode” button.

Where is the reset button on a master spa?

Locate the spa’s high-limit reset. This is a red button found on many spa packs. It may be located on the heater and covered by a rubber nipple.

How do you reset a master spa?

Press the red reset button to reset the switch before reaching out to tech support. Make sure the temperature probe is properly in the right amount of water to accurately read the temperature, and that there is no build up in the thermal well.

Is Cal spa A good brand?

We chose Cal Spas as a top pick in our Best Hot Tubs Guide because the company offers a great selection of hot tubs. The company has won many design awards over the years and is a Spasearch Certified manufacturer.

What is hot tub season?

Fall is upon us and cooler weather usually means hot tub season! If you are like some people you either drained your spa or just left the water in it and let it sit all summer. However, if you still use your spa during the summer and it is just time for routine maintenance, this will help you too!

Where is the reset button on a hot tub?

How do I know if my hot tub control panel is bad?

If the control panel is frozen or dead, you have to check if the problem is the control panel or the circuit board. Examine if there is moisture in the display. Check if there are cracked buttons or if a part is wet. If only a part is not working, look for error messages or blinking lights.

Why is my wave spa not heating up?

If your hot tub won’t heat the water properly, it could be the heater element or low flow from your pump. Most heating failure result from corrosion caused by low PH in water supply. Any PH below 7.0 damages the heating element and trips the GFCI breaker.

How long does it take for a wave hot tub to heat up?

The outside temperature, water temperature, size of the tub, and power of your heater all play a part in how quickly you can heat up your hot tub. But we can give you a pretty standard answer: it takes anywhere from 3 to 8 hours to heat your hot tub water to around 100°.