Did Charles Mingus compose Moanin?

Did Charles Mingus compose Moanin?

Moanin’ was written by Bobby Timmons who played for Art Blakey. Saying that Moanin’ was written by Mingus is like saying that Claire de Lune was written by Kamasi Washington or that Georgia on my mind was written by Ray Charles.

Who originally wrote Moanin?

Bobby Timmons
Art Blakey

It featured Art Blakey on drums, Lee Morgan on trumpet, Benny Golson on tenor sax, Jymie Merritt on bass, and Bobby Timmons on piano, who wrote the first song on the album, “Moanin’.”

Why is it called Moanin?

The name of the tune was ‘Moanin’. ‘ ” Golson cajoled Jazz Messengers pianist Bobby Timmons into expanding a funky little lick into what would become one of the signature tunes of hard bop. “Bobby Timmons on the gigs, in between tunes, he had this eight-bar thing he used to play.

What is the musical form of Moanin?

Influenced by gospel, “Moanin'” makes use of call-and-response technique between the piano and horns. Instead of a walking bass, Merritt plays a rhythmically driving bass line, while Blakey plays a swing rhythm with emphasis on beats two and four.

Did Blakey write Moanin?

“Moanin'” is a composition by Bobby Timmons, first recorded by Art Blakey’s band the Jazz Messengers for the 1958 album of the same title that was released by Blue Note Records….Moanin’ (song)

Song by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
Composer(s) Bobby Timmons
Lyricist(s) Jon Hendricks

When did Charles Mingus record Moanin?


Released January 1959
Recorded October 30, 1958
Studio Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack
Genre Hard bop

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What is hard bop music?

Hard bop, also known as funky hard bop, is a subgenre of modern jazz music, more specifically bebop (or bop), which emerged in the United States during the mid-1950s. Hard bop would remain among the most popular jazz styles until the late 1960s, when soul-jazz, avant-garde, and fusion supplanted it.

When did Charles Mingus write Moanin?

Released January 1959
Recorded October 30, 1958
Studio Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack
Genre Hard bop

What key is Charles Mingus Moanin in?

F minor
It is played in F minor.

Who plays trumpet on Moanin?

Lee Morgan
Bobby Timmons’s “Moanin’,” Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers (drums: Art Blakey, trumpet: Lee Morgan, tenor sax: Benny Golson, piano: Bobby Timmons, bass: Jymie Merritt), ca. 1958-1959.

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