Did Cumberbatch leave cabin pressure?

Did Cumberbatch leave cabin pressure?

The actor is said to have been close to tears after John Finnemore gave an emotional speech about the series, and how the cast and crew helped “make dreams come true” for him. Cumberbatch reportedly agreed to stay on stage after the recording to pose with fans and sign their tickets.

Where can I listen to cabin pressure?

BBC Radio 4 – Cabin Pressure – Available now.

How many episodes are there in cabin pressure?

Cabin Pressure (radio series)

Cover of the complete CD collection of Cabin Pressure, depicting cast. Left-to-right: John Finnemore, Roger Allam, Stephanie Cole and Benedict Cumberbatch.
Genre Sitcom
No. of series 4 (plus Christmas special and a two part finale)
No. of episodes 27
Audio format Stereo

Who plays Herc in cabin pressure?

Anthony Head
Key cast & crew credits

Benedict Cumberbatch Martin
Roger Allam Douglas
Stephanie Cole Carolyn
John Finnemore Arthur
Anthony Head Herc (Series 3-4)

Why did Benedict Cumberbatch miss an episode of cabin pressure?

Notes. Benedict Cumberbatch was ill at the time this episode was due to be recorded and had lost his voice, so Tom Goodman-Hill stepped in at short notice to play Martin.

What kind of plane is Gerti?

G-ERTI is the plane at the centre of MJN Air. It can provide seating for 16 passengers plus cabin crew. It is a Lockheed McDonnel 3-12 (a fictional aircraft), and is past its best.

Is cabin pressure a podcast?

Cabin Pressure Podcast | Free Listening on Podbean App.

What pressure is an airplane cabin?

about 10.9 psi
Typically, the pressure inside an aircraft cabin flying at high altitude approximates the atmospheric pressure at 8,000 feet (about 10.9 psi), which is like sitting on the top of Mount Olympus (elevation 7,962 feet) in Washington.

How does cabin pressure work?

Airplanes pressurize their cabins by pumping air into them. As their jet engines suck in air, some of the excess air is diverted into the airplane’s cabin. In the open position, excess air will bleed out. The cabin pressure will then drop to an appropriate level, resulting in the outflow valve closing.

What plane is Gerti?

What does MJN stand for cabin pressure?

As a result, she founded her very own single plane charter airline, “MJN Air” (“My Jet Now”), which is crewed by an oddball mixture of characters who fly to cities around the world, encountering a variety of situations.

What plane is in cabin pressure?

It is a Lockheed McDonnel 3-12 (a fictional aircraft), and is past its best. ‘It’s only gaffer tape and hope holding it together’. Some of its faults include faulty lights (not all the non-smoking lights turn off and on, and there’s one that can’t be turned on because it makes the cabin smell of fish).