Did Doris Day star in Annie Get Your Gun?

Did Doris Day star in Annie Get Your Gun?

Annie Get Your Gun features the spirited Doris Day as the buckskin star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and Camelot star Robert Goulet as the “rival deadshot” Frank Butler.

Who was the first person asked to write the music for Annie Get Your Gun?

Originally, Jerome Kern (The Princess Musicals, Show Boat, Roberta) was slated to write the score for Annie Get Your Gun. In 1945, at the age of 60, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died. What little work he had done on the musical would not be used.

Who was in the original Annie Get Your Gun?

Notable Casts

Character Original Broadway (1946) Original West End (1947)
Annie Oakley Ethel Merman Dolores Gray
Frank Butler Ray Middleton Bill Johnson
Dolly Tate Lea Penman Barbara Babington
Buffalo Bill William O’Neal Ellis Irving

Was Bernadette Peters in Annie Get Your Gun?

24, 1999 at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Annie Get Your Gun , the long-awaited Irving Berlin musical revival starring Bernadette Peters and Tom Wopat, finally opens on Broadway March 4. Veteran book writer Peter Stone has significantly revised the musical’s book for this revival.

Who was supposed to play Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun but was eventually replaced?

Betty Hutton was then chosen to played Annie Oakley, with Howard Keel (making his American film debut) as Frank Butler and Benay Venuta as Dolly Tate. Louis Calhern played Buffalo Bill, replacing Frank Morgan, who died in 1949.

Why didn’t Judy Garland do Annie Get Your Gun?

Both Ethel Merman; who played Annie Oakley on Broadway; and Judy Garland; who was originally cast to play Annie in the movie version of Annie Get Your Gun before she was fired for erratic behavior; were vying to play Annie in the film version of this famous show; and ironically both were shot down and were replaced by …

Did Betty Hutton do her own singing in Annie Get Your Gun?

Keel Proved to be my primary adversary during the shooting of the film. 30, 2015, asking who dubbed Betty Hutton in “Annie Get Your Gun.” I want to share that Miss Hutton did her own singing and was never dubbed in any of her films. Hutton was a singer who got her start as a singer for Vincent Lopez’s orchestra.

Was Ron Howard in Annie Get Your Gun?

Actor Ron Howard plays the role of Chief Sitting Bull in “Annie Get Your Gun.” In this scene, he comforts the heartbroken Annie.

Was Judy Garland in Annie Get Your Gun?

Judy Garland, MGM’s biggest musical comedy star, was originally cast as Annie Oakley. She recorded all her songs for the soundtrack and worked for two months under the direction of Busby Berkeley and dance director Robert Alton. But once again Berkeley was severe with Garland, and they immediately clashed.

Why did Betty Hutton replace Judy Garland in Annie Get Your Gun?

In addition, Miss Hutton’s footage can be seen on the DVD from Warner Home Video. Judy Garland, originally cast as Annie Oakley, was taken ill during early filming and production was halted until Betty Hutton finished Let’s Dance (1950) and was called in to replace her.

Why didn’t Judy Garland finish the movie Annie Get Your Gun?

Despite several production and casting problems (Judy Garland was fired from the lead role after a month of filming in which she clashed with the director and repeatedly showed up late or not at all), the film won the Academy Award for Best Original Score and received three other nominations.

Why didn’t Judy Garland finish Annie Get Your Gun?