Did Martina beat Steffi Graf?

Did Martina beat Steffi Graf?

When Martina Hingis toppled Steffi Graf from the tennis throne on March 31, 1997, her last loss was months ago. At the WTA season finale in New York’s Madison Square Garden, she lost to Graf in the final in five sets.

Who is better Serena or Steffi?

Williams leads the all-time list of WTA hardcourt victories with 505, rank Graf ranks just outside the top 10 with 343 victories. However, when it comes to winning percentage, Graf is the all-time leader at 89.6 while Williams carries a winning percentage of 85.6.

Who was better Graf or Navratilova?

They met 18 times during their careers, and their head-to-head is even at 9–9, with Graf having a 4–2 record in major finals but Navratilova having a 5–4 record in overall major matches (winning their last major meeting despite being 34 at the time)….List of all matches.

Legend Graf Navratilova
Total 9 9

What happened to Martina Hingis tennis?

In 2017, while ranked number one in the doubles rankings, Hingis retired for the third time. In total, she won 25 Grand Slam titles, the Tour Finals twice and a silver medal at the Rio Olympics. Stats like this certainly put her up there with the all-time legends of the sport.

Did Martina Hingis ever win the French Open?

By winning the 2016 French Open title, Hingis completed the mixed doubles Career Grand Slam. She became the 7th female player in history to achieve this.

Who won the 1999 French Open?

Steffi Graf
The 1999 French Open was one to remember as Steffi Graf won her sixth French Open title and Andre Agassi became the second man to complete the career Grand Slam.

Is Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi still married?

During his 20-plus year tour career, Agassi was known by the nickname “The Punisher”. In 2001, the Foundation opened the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy in Las Vegas, a K–12 public charter school for at-risk children. He has been married to fellow tennis player Steffi Graf since 2001.

Is Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf still married?

What is Steffi Graf doing now?

After Wimbledon, for the first time in my career, I didn’t feel like going to a tournament.” In spite of her private past, Graf has now become more outspoken and is involved with marketing her own line of handbags in her native Germany, as well as represeting a mobile phone company.

Who is the oldest Grand Slam winner?

At the age of 35 years and 174 days, Roger Federer became the oldest Grand Slam champion, after his Australian Open title against rival Rafael Nadal on Sunday.