Did Meade telescopes go out of business?

Did Meade telescopes go out of business?

Meade and its Chinese parent company, Ningbo Sunny, recently lost an antitrust lawsuit with a competitor. Iconic telescope maker Meade Instruments filed for bankruptcy protection last month after a years-long legal battle with a competitor.

Are Meade telescopes made in the USA?

The Meade Instruments (also shortened to Meade) is an American multinational company headquartered in Watsonville, California, that manufactures, imports, and distributes telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, CCD cameras, and telescope accessories for the consumer market. …

Did Orion buy Meade?

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars has announced the formation of Meade Acquisition Corp., an affiliate of Orion that has acquired substantially all of the assets of Meade Instruments Corp., following the approval of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California.

Who owns Orion telescopes?

In January 2005, Orion was acquired by Imaginova, the U.S. conglomerate founded in 1999 by CNN business anchor Lou Dobbs.

Who owns Meade?

Sunny Optics, Inc.Meade Instruments / Parent organization

Where are Meade telescopes made?

Meade Irvine factory
All of the more advanced Meade telescopes including their ETX-90 EC, ETX-125 EC, LX90, LX200 and other models are manufactured at the Meade Irvine factory.

What are the best Meade telescopes for sale?

That said, there are a lot of Meade telescopes for sale, so here are some picks to get you started: For high-end, feature-packed options, the LX90 Series offers some of the best all-around telescopes, including the Meade 8″ LX90 ACF Computerized Telescope – 0810-90-03.

Can the Autostar system be used on any Meade telescope?

Dobsonian and table top configurations use a swivel mount only. Electronic motors and the Autostar system can only be used on specific Meade telescope models. How many objects are in the database of the Autostar? Meade has created a database of 30,344 celestial objects that you can view with this navigation instrument.

Why choose Meade Instruments?

At Meade Instruments we believe that astronomy should be for all to enjoy. That’s why we carry a wide variety of telescopes to accommodate everyone! From beginner telescopes like the Infinity Series to advanced telescopes like the LX850, we carry products for everyone who enjoy astronomy as much as we do. So go ahead, start exploring!

What kind of equipment does Meade have?

Has all electronics. Working Meade offers a large selection of telescopes designed to give observers high magnification views of objects through precision optics. Meade supplies other telescope equipment including eyepiece and tripod accessories as well as the electronic Meade Autostar computer controller system.