Do Arai helmets come with Pinlock?

Do Arai helmets come with Pinlock?

Pinlock is the best anti-fog solution for helmet visors according to many test in motorcycle magazines world wide. That is why helmet manufacturers such as Shoei, Arai, HJC, Schuberth and many more are supplying their helmets standard with the Pinlock original.

Are all Pinlock inserts the same size?

Pinlocks come in all shapes & sizes and you need the one that is right for you. Pinlocks are mainly divided by what brand of motorcycle helmet they are built for and then deeper into the specific model of the helmet that they are designed for.

Is a Pinlock visor worth it?

It does a very good job of keeping the visor clear of fog, but note you will see some condensation build up (water, not fogging) especially along the lower edge. Not a problem for visibility unless it’s cold enough for it to freeze.

How do you date Arai helmets?

The production date can be found impressed on the left chinstrap or laser etched on the steel D-ring fastener. This date is offered as a code with the production month followed by the year. For instance 04/11 stands for production date April 2011.

Do Arai helmets expire?

All Arai helmets are warranted against defects in material and workmanship, and as serviceable only for the properly fitted first user for 5 years after purchase, but no more than 7 years from the date of manufacture.

Can you use Pinlock at night?

The clear Pinlock lenses are absolutely suitable to use at night, it is the other way around for the Dark Smoke lenses. It could be not convenient to use those at night because visibility then is really low.

What is ProtecTINT?

ProtecTint┬« – From clear to light smoke in a matter of seconds. The Pinlock ProtecTINT insert lens react to UV light by darkening its tint color automatically while keeping your helmet face shield fog-free at the same time.

Do Pinlock inserts work?

The pocket of air that is trapped in between the visors acts as an insulator for the inside temperatures in the motorcycle helmet. Efficient absorption properties combined with the double glazed like feature, the Pinlock visor insert is the most effective, durable and affordable anti-fog solution on the market.

Can you paint Arai helmets?

Paint and Polish by Hand for High-Quality Finish and Less Weight. The Arai paint process includes hand painting and finishing each helmet, and involves more than a dozen steps to deliver a flawless finish.

What insert lens options are offered for Arai helmets?

The insert lens options that is offered for Arai helmets includes the Pinlock 70 and 120 performance level lenses, coloured lenses, 100% Max Vision and ProtecTINT. ARAI VISOR COMPATIBILITY AND DIFFERENCES *Pinlock light smoke insert lens shown in the image above

How do I know what type of Arai visor I have?

VISOR MARKINGS The Arai visors have a marking stamped in the corner of the visor, specifying which type it is. Another aspect to consider is whether the visor holds any pins to place the Pinlock between. If the visor has not pins or holes in it, there is no Pinlock option available.

What products are available with pinlock 120?

Axcess II / Chaser-V / Chaser-V Pro / Corsair-V RC / Defiant / Quantum / Quantum-ST / Quantum-ST-Pro / Rebel / RX-7RC / RX7 GP / Signet-Q / Vector-2 * Note the Pinlock 120 option is only available in Clear