Do it Essential plastisol?

Do it Essential plastisol?

Do-It’s Essential Series Plastisol, making and fishing your own soft plastic baits has never been easier or more affordable. It has low odor and good heat resistance when cooking and makes great clear baits. Once cured, it’s very supple with super elasticity, and all at a price that the average Joe can swallow.

Do it molds soft bait mold injector?

Do-It Molds Soft Bait Mold Injector This injector is used to push heated soft plastic (plastisol) into Do-It Essential series soft bait molds. Injector becomes hot with use. We recommend our Hot Mill gloves for handling hot injectors, plastisol and worm molds. Injector holds 4 ounces or plastisol.

How hot should plastisol be?

Plastisol ink will not dry, or cure, at normal temperatures. They must be exposed at a temperature around 300 – 330º F (143-166º C) to be properly cured (dried). Plastisol ink can be printed on many items that can withstand the heat required to cure the ink and is porous enough to permit good ink adhesion.

How do you heat plastisol?

  1. We recommend using a melting pot with a slow mixer for best results.
  2. Microwave Heating {Pyrex Cup}
  3. Fill the Pyrex cup 4-8 ounces.
  4. Heat the plastisol for 1 minute and then gently stir.
  5. Heat an additional 30 seconds and repeat this process until the plastisol becomes clear and is in a syrup consistency.

Do it mold colors?

While most mold growth is often black, grey, or greenish, it can be brown, purple, orange, pink, yellow, red, white, or even a combination of colors. The color of mold can be influenced by food source and humidity level, even light. Mold color is irrelevant in determining toxicity.

How many baits can you make with a gallon of plastisol?

One gallon will produce approximately 720 6″ worms. Do-it Crystal Clear Plastisol can be used with any of the colors, additives, and molds we offer.

Can you over cure plastisol?

There are a few ways to test if plastisol ink is properly cured correctly. If you stretch your printed garment and the ink cracks, then the ink is not fully dried. However, if the shirt begins to scorch or burn, that means the screen printing ink is over cured. Be careful not to damage your customer supplied garments!

How long is plastisol good for?

Okay, forever might be an overstatement but these inks are made to last and keep their brightness over the life of a t shirt. Plastisol ink should maintain it’s color, and should not peel or crack. While cracking and fading will eventually happen, as all things do with age, they should last over 100+ washes.

Can you heat plastisol on the stove?

If you choose to heat plastisol using a stove top or a Lee soft plastic melting pot, make sure to constantly stir the plastisol to prevent burning.

How do you get bubbles out of plastisol?

Re: Small bubbles in plastisol When I get the plastic up to temp I stir and let sit for a few seconds. Then I stick my injector in the bottom of the cup and draw plastic in. This eliminates all the bubbles that come to the top of the cup.

What is the orange mold in shower?

But when you see pink, light red, or light orange growth spreading across the grout in the shower, it is water-borne bacteria, Serratia marcescens. The bacterial colony, which grows and spreads in warm, moist environments, can appear to be fuzzy or slimy. The color range is affected by room temperatures.

Is green mold toxic?

Like all mold, green mold is toxic and poses as a health risk to humans. Green molds, like Aspergillus, can spur the onset of pneumonia and lung inflammation. Plus, mold triggers reactions, like coughing, runny nose, watery eyes and itchy skin, in those susceptible to allergies and asthma.

What is the Essential series plaqstisol?

The Essential Series Plastisol comes in a liquid form and upon heating turns clear and hardens into plastic upon returning to room temperature one injected. The Essential Series Plaqstisol line is user friendly and perfect for those just getting into making their own baits. Set up time takes only 30-60 seconds upon injecting into a mold.

Where to buy essential series soft plastic injection molds?

Essential Series Soft Plastic Injection Molds   737 S. Washington #6 ~ Wichita, KS 67211 ~ (316) 265-5551   View Order/Check Out Main Product Index Do-It Index Jig Molds Weedless Jig Molds Lure Molds Sinker Molds

What is the best value Plastisol?

The Crystal Clear Plastisol, that has been available for the last several years, was developed with the finest ingredients and the goal of making it the best available. The Essential Series plastisol has been in the works for well over a year. The idea was to build the best value plastisol on the market.

What is the Essential series by do-it?

The Essential Series is eleven new molds at a price that will pay for itself almost instantly. So how did they “Do-It”? Do-It has been making “poured aluminum” jig molds for decades now.