Do Luchia and Kaito end up together?

Do Luchia and Kaito end up together?

Throughout most of the season, Lucia would attempt to give hints and signals that she was the mermaid he had fallen in love with. Kaito would eventually figure out Lucia’s true identity as a mermaid princess at the season finale, leading to a romantic relationship with the two of them.

Does Mermaid Melody have romance?

All the Couples from the series Mermaid Melody. A couple is made when two characters love each other and call themselves girlfriend or boyfriend.

What is Kaito in Mermaid Melody?

Kaito Dōmoto (堂本 海斗 Dōmoto Kaito) is the male protagonist and love interest of Lucia and is the twin brother of Gaito. He is an orphan, his parents died when their ship capsized during a storm (caused by Sara when her pearl was out of control).

How does Mermaid Melody end?

Kaito has finally figured out about Lucia’s identity. The seven Mermaid Princesses band together to defeat Gaito. Sara tells everyone that a new mermaid princess will be born to replace her, so she entrusts her orange pearl to Lucia, so in the end, Sara joins Gaito in his demise.

How old is Nagisa Mermaid Melody?

↑ Nagisa is a Junior High Freshman, which is accepted to be around 12-13 years old. It is likely he started the Pure arc as a 12 year old, telling Hanon (14 at the time) that he was “only two years younger”.

How old is gaito?

Daisuke Kishio Gaito’s voice actor Daisuke Kishio was born March 28, 1974 (so he is currently 44 years old). He was born in Matsusaka of the Mie prefecture in Japan….Voice Actors.

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Are Kaito and gaito brothers?

Gaito (楽斗/ガクト Gakuto) is the leader of the sea monsters (Dark Lovers) who is bent on taking over the marine world, but is secretly ruled by Sara. He is also the older twin brother of Kaito. He is also member of Panthalassa Tribe, granting him various powers.

Does Kaito like Lucia?

Later in the series, Lucia and Kaito become lovers. She is unaware of the danger in the marine world and of her real mission until she is told of them by her “older sister”, Nikora. She is characterized by her simplicity and naïveté, but with having a strong will, typical traits of shōjo manga heroines.

Will mermaid melody come back?

In the latest August 2021 issue of Kodansha’s shoujo manga magazine Nakayoshi released today in Japan, it was officially announced that Michiko Yokote (story) and Pink Hanamori (art)’s fantasy manga series Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch’s new chapter will start serialization in its next September 2021 issue to be …