Do you need a Licence to fly a paramotor in UK?

Do you need a Licence to fly a paramotor in UK?

In the UK, you do not require a license to fly a Paramotor as they are deregulated under the Air Navigation Order. This also allows you to fly legally and take out insurance in certain other countries around the world.

Can you fly a paramotor over a city UK?

In short, no you cannot fly over a city in a Paramotor! In the UK, the law states that an aircraft shall not be flown below such height as would prevent it from making an emergency landing without causing danger to persons or property on the surface in the event of an engine failure.

How much does paramotor training cost?

A. If you are buying new gear, you can expect to spend $8,000-12,000 for your paramotor and wing. Used gear can be found cheaper, but requires careful shopping to ensure it is reliable and safe. Training ranges from $1,500-3,500 depending on the quality of instruction and is a worthwhile investment.

Can you fly a paramotor to school?

While there are no official age restrictions, most paramotor training schools will not take on a student younger than 14 years of age. Similarly, there is no upper age limit either. Expect a certain amount of physical activity and the need to carry a 26kg paramotor on your back.

How high can a paramotor go UK?

The UK paramotor altitude record was set by Giles Fowler in 2015. Giles was able to launch from a flat field in Chatteris which has an elevation of just 30 feet. To reach his record breaking altitude of 21,746 feet, he climbed for a lengthy 1 hour and 20 minutes!

Can you fly a paramotor over London?

No CAA licence is required to fly a paramotor – but you still have to know and obey the rules and regulations applying to UK Airspace – of which there are many! The UK is a small island, and much of the airspace above it is reserved for commercial air traffic, bird sanctuaries, weapons testing etc..

How high can you fly a paramotor UK?

Class C airspace in the UK extends from Flight Level (FL) 195 (19,500 feet) to FL 600 (60,000 feet). Both IFR and Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flying is permitted in this airspace but pilots require clearance to enter and must comply with ATC instructions.

Are paramotors illegal?

Our sport is basically self-regulated so you are not required by law to be a certified pilot. However, proper training is required to safely fly and navigate ever more crowded and sensitive airspace.

How much does it cost to paramotor UK?

In the UK you will be looking at around £1000 for a full paramotor training course. US readers should be able to find training for around the same price, which converts to about $1400. Some schools offer you a certain number of days for your money, for example 7 days for £900.

How much is a paramotor UK?

In the UK, a basic, beginner, non reflex Paraglider, such as an ozone Spark 2 for example, costs approximately 2,000 + VAT. A beginner/intermediate semi reflex wing, such as an Ozone Roadster 3 for example, costs approximately 2,600 ex VAT.

How long does it take to learn paramotor?

Aviator Paramotor currently trains nearly 300 students per year, and while training time varies from student to student, it generally takes 8-14 days to go from zero to hero.

Where can I learn to fly a paramotor in the UK?

The UK Paramotoring Facebook Page can also be a useful source of advice and information for anyone interested in learning to fly a paramotor. The Paramotoring Facebook Page is completely independent and is not affiliated in any way to the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

What is a paramotor?

Paramotors (also known as a Powered Paragliders) combine the easy flying characteristics of a paraglider with the autonomy and range of powered flight.

Can you take off a paramotor from an open field?

Paramotors are relatively easy to learn to fly, and being foot launched, they can take-off from an open, flat field, provided you have permission, and as long as there no hazards such as trees, livestock or bystanders. (Airfields are of course ideal) There is no need to find a hill site facing into wind,…

Who are the world number 1 paramotor manufacturer?

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