Does a Huntaway make a good pet?

Does a Huntaway make a good pet?

They are a highly motivated and active dog but are friendly and gentle by nature. Good with children, they are kind and protective. Although they make ideal family pets, they do tend to ‘herd’ their family members including other non canine pets to get them to do what they want them to do.

What dog breeds make up a Huntaway?

The Huntaway breed, also known as the New Zealand Sheepdog, was developed from British Sheepdogs crossed with Collies and other herding breeds that possessed a barking trait.

What makes a Huntaway?

Huntaways are large, deep-chested dogs that generally weigh in the region of 25–45 kilograms (55–99 lb). Their coats can vary in colour; colours include black and tan (usually) with some white or brindle. A huntaway’s height is usually in the range of 56–66 centimetres (22–26 in).

How long do Huntaway dogs live?

12 – 14 yearsHuntaway / Lifespan

How much does a Huntaway cost?

And farmers should expect to pay top money for a good heading dog or huntaway, says well-known dog trainer and triallist Lloyd Smith. Five years ago $5000 to $6000 was the going rate for a top sheep dog, but now it was about $8000 to $10,000, he said.

How do I teach my Huntaway to bark?

Huntaways usually have a strong instinct to bark. All you need to get a pup to bark is excite it when among stock. Clap your hands and when it barks give a “speak up” command, and an appropriate whistle. Make the whistle command simple and easy to perform, as you’ll be using it a lot.

What is the difference between a heading dog and a Huntaway?

Heading dogs are typically border collies, a breed of Scottish origin. The huntaway though, is uniquely New Zealand, acknowledged by the national Kennel Club as being the country’s only indigenous dog breed. Huntaway dogs are an important part of the operation at Canterbury’s Mt White station.

How fast is a Huntaway dog?

Working in all weathers, they may run 60–100 kilometres a day – often at 20–30 kilometres per hour.

Where are Huntaway dogs?

New ZealandHuntaway / Origin

How do you train a Huntaway?

Training tips (provided by breeder Brian Davies)

  1. A young Huntaway pup of around three months old can be taught the two basic commands that are the foundation of its herding skills – “speak up” and “quiet”.
  2. Encourage Huntaways to bark with the words “speak up” and to stop with the command “quiet”

How fast can a Huntaway run?

How do you train a Huntaway puppy?

What is a Huntaway?

The Huntaway was developed in New Zealand by mixing the Border Collie with a variety of other breeds, such as the Doberman, in order to create a herding dog that used its bark out on the field.

What are the most common problems with Huntaway dogs?

The most common problems affecting this breed, however, are work-related injuries. The average lifespan for the Huntaway breed is 12 to 14 years. Because the Huntaway was developed as a herding breed, these dogs have high stamina and endurance.

Can you show a Huntaway dog in NZ?

It was not until as recently as 2013 when the Huntaway dog was recognised by the New Zealand Kennel Club. However, because they are working dogs whose appearance has never been specifically bred for, creating a breed standard and showing the dog is just not an option at this stage.

What kind of dog is Huntaway best suited for?

Huntaway 1 Best Suited For: active singles, active families, house with a yard, farms 2 Temperament: independent, hard-working, intelligent, gentle 3 Comparable Breeds: Rottweiler, Collie More