Does AIS need a special antenna?

Does AIS need a special antenna?

Receive only AIS units are being integrated into many of the newer VHF radios. It will have an internal splitter between the two and only one antenna input. For this scenario a VHF antenna is needed.

What antenna do I need for AIS?

Antenna type: The type of VHF antenna you use with your AIS system can also have a big impact on AIS range. Most VHF antennas are optimally tuned around 155-156 MHz but AIS uses frequencies around 162 MHz. In some cases, a good VHF antenna might be substantially less tuned at even close adjacent frequencies.

Will a VHF antenna work with AIS?

An AIS antenna will be tuned to AIS frequency of 162 MHz. VHF antennas are tuned to 156.8 MHz. VHF antennas can work on AIS, yet the frequency of 162 MHz they will be operating at, is at the high end of the operable bandwidth of the antenna, where performance is not ideal.

Where do you mount AIS antenna?

In an ideal situation this would be located at least 10 feet above the water and at least 4 feet from another VHF antenna or conductive material. (So mounting two dedicated antennas on top of a mast won’t work.)

Is AIS better than radar?

What is clear is that a combination of AIS and radar gives you the best tools possible in every possible situation. There are many who would argue that radar is still more useful for collision avoidance than AIS, and it certainly has a greater range of functions.

What size VHF antenna do I need?

Usually a 6 dB antenna is recommended for boats over 24 feet and a 9 dB antenna is recommended for boats over 32 feet. Longer antennas generally have higher dB ratings but check the technical specifications of the antenna to be sure. Additionally, height is always an important factor.

What type of VHF antenna require for AIS receive or transponder?

AIS transponders and receivers use two VHF radio frequencies: 161.975 MHz (AIS1, or channel 87B) and 162.025 MHz (AIS2, or channel 88B). The USCG has asked the Federal Communications Commission to authorize any US vessel to operate AIS on these two channels under its existing ship station license.

Do I need a VHF antenna?

Generally, our bowtie antennas can receive high-VHF broadcasts. However, if the VHF signals in your area are weak or are transmitting from a tower more than 20 miles from your home, a longer-range VHF antenna may be necessary to ensure reception of all your available local stations.

How far apart do VHF antennas need to be?

A good rule is to keep antennas at least 1/2 wavelength apart or at least 3ft at VHF and even at that spacing the radiation pattern may look like a clover leaf with good signal going out in four directions and lousy performance in between the clover leaf pattern.

Do yachts need AIS?

There is no requirement for small commercial vessels or cruising yachts to carry AIS, however should they chose to do so they should be fitted with an AIS B transponder or receiver.

Why do boats have two radars?

Offshore, I can locate other fishing boats, large bird flocks and obstructions while navigating and fishing. With multiple displays, you can overlay radar data and view it separately at the same time.

How tall should my VHF antenna be?

What is the best AIs antenna for my Boat?

Has a SO239 antenna connector in the base of the antenna and it is recommended using this with low loss 50 ohm coax cable such as RG-213 for best performance (not supplied), particularly on long cable runs A very high quality 3dB AIS tuned GRP antenna which is ideal for professional and super yacht installation 4′ 3dB AIS Antenna by Glomex®.

What’s new with the a431-ais marine AIS antenna?

The new A431-AIS marine AIS/VHF antenna builds on the success of the A430-AIS and includes 20′ of low-loss RG-8/X cable permanently attached to the antenna and a high-quality solder-type PL-259… Antenna Adapter by Sea Dog®. This Antenna Adapter allows the mounting of a 3/8″-24 thread Loran whip onto a standard 1″-14 thread antenna base.

What is cx4a AIS/VHF antenna?

CX4A AIS/VHF Antenna by Digital Yacht®. CX4A is a powerful AIS Tuned commercial VHF Antenna that will give you maximum AIS range and supplied with a SO239 antenna connector. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you… Powerful AIS Tuned commercial VHF Antenna that will give you maximum AIS range.

What is AIS (Universal Shipborne automatic identification system)?

Appeared in the early 2000s, the universal shipborne automatic identification system (AIS) incorporates a standard marine VHF transceiver, GPS module, gyrocompass, and certain electronic navigation sensors such as the ROTI indicator.