Does Amex still send Departures magazine?

Does Amex still send Departures magazine?

On March 25, 2021, it was announced that Departures would cease print publication, and, according to an American Express statement, transition “to a new digital-first editorial platform.” American Express announced that it was ending its publishing deal with Meredith.

What can 15000 Amex points get you?

Prefer to use points like cash back? Amex lets you redeem earned points for statement credits at a value of 0.6 cents per point that you can then apply to one of your purchase transactions. In other words, 15,000 points can knock $90 off this month’s credit card statement.

How many Amex points is 50000?

How much are 50,000 American Express points worth? At a minimum, 50,000 American Express Membership Rewards points are worth $500 when you use them in the Amex Travel portal. If you’re looking for even more value, you’ll want to transfer them out to an Amex hotel and airline partner.

How do I use my American Express reward points?

Register for online services to view your eligible purchases and to redeem online. You can also view eligible purchases and redeem directly in the Amex App. Only eligible purchases posted to your Card account will be displayed for redemption.

How do I unsubscribe from Departures magazine?

You can opt-out at any time, using the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter.

How much is 500000 Amex points worth?

Exchange 2 points for 3 Marriott Points, meaning 500,000 Membership Rewards points is worth 750,000 Marriott points to spend on travel. Redeem 70,000 points for one night at a category 8 hotel during off-peak dates, 85,000 points per night during normal dates and 100,000 points during peak times.

Can you redeem Amex points for cash?

Amex Membership Rewards points are some of the most valuable credit card rewards you can earn because they’re flexible — you can redeem them for a wide variety of rewards, including travel, or cash them in for other redemption like gift cards or statement credits.

Can you convert Amex points to cash?

You can exchange Membership Rewards points for cash or gift cards, but keep in mind that this is usually a pretty terrible value compared to other redemption options. Different merchant gift cards have different prices and values for your points.

Do Amex points expire?

Do Membership Rewards® points expire? Membership Rewards® points have no expiration date. However, points may be forfeited as described in the program Terms and Conditions.

How much is 10000 American Express points worth?

For these types of redemptions, most American Express cardholders get a redemption rate of 0.7 cents per point. That means 10,000 Amex points would cover $70 towards other types of travel booked through Amex Travel.

How much is 75k Amex points worth?

The Amex Gold’s 75,000-point welcome bonus through CardMatch is also much better than the current public offer of just 60,000 points and is worth around $1,500 based on TPG’s valuations.

What is the American Express rewards catalog?

The American Express rewards catalog is an online brochure that shows merchandise and services for which cardholders can redeem their Amex Membership Rewards points. It displays products, along with the number of points needed for redemption.

Do American Express points expire?

American Express points, cash back and miles do not expire. Just be sure to use all your rewards prior to closing an American Express credit card account. Use your card regularly to keep your account active, and remember to make payments on time to keep points earned each billing period.

What is the membership rewards program?

The Membership Rewards program offers a breadth of exceptional rewards and the most point transfer partners of any major U.S. credit card loyalty program. From travel to top brands, and everything in between – use Membership Rewards points on the reward that means the most to you.

Does membership rewards have an expiry date?

And with no expiration dates and no limit on how many you can earn, Membership Rewards points are easy to earn and flexible to use, so you never have to compromise. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Full screen is unavailable. Learn More